Rosette Swap

I am delighted to participate in the Rosette Swap that Gypsy Brocante is hosting. (You KNOW how I love rosettes!!) And I was even more delighted to get this darling package in the mail!

How lucky am I that Jill from Jill Ruth & Co got my name?!! It's so much fun to get a pretty package in the mail. Us bloggers look at pretty things all day long in the virtual world (what? - You don't spend ALL day on blogs?), but it's so much better to get pretty gifts by old fashioned snail mail.

A little denim, a little burlap and a pearl too - I'd say it's got ME written all over it! Thank you, Jill (Jill Ruth) for the lovely rosette!! And thank you Jill (Gypsy Brocante) for taking on the monumental task of hosting a swap while on vacation!!


  1. Oh it is so sweet! What a fun swap! I loved my rosettes too!!!

  2. I've been enjoying the posts of the Rosette Swap... seeing what wonderful exchanges took place. I'm so happy for you receiving such a lovely one and packaged so beautifully too! What fun!!! I'm sure the anticipation and the revealing of each Rosette and who made it for you was beyond exciting.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Oh what a beautiful creation.
    What a beautiful swap gift

  4. That's pretty cool!! Hugggsss. Stephanie

  5. you are one busy lady you know that!!! and yes, how fun to swap something....bartering is great!

    Anne Marie

  6. Polly ~
    What a fun swap ! Yours is just
    beautiful and yes so very much
    perfect for you ~


  7. Just so lovely!!

  8. Really lovely!!!
    did you get my e-mail about the Tattered Pointe Shoes, dearest Polly? Shall I send it again?
    With a hug, cornelia

  9. How pretty! Burlap just looks so fresh and new to my eyes. I am seeing it everywhere.

  10. I tried to send an email but not sure it went through...I'd love to have credit for sending you this lovely package, but...alas, it wasn't me :) (jillruth). I received your wonderful package though and posted about it this morning!

  11. Where do you ever find the time for everything you do? You are amazing and very blessed! I love the rosettes! This has been such a fun swap!

    Renee ♥

  12. Oh - lucky you!!! I love Jill... and your rosette!!! A girl can't have to many of 'em can she?

    ;-D robelyn

  13. this little beauty would spruce up any ordinary jean jacket, eh?
    I must own one of these ...

    looking forward to giving you a hug in October


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