The New PORCH Magazine is here!

A year! It's been a year since Tracie and I began gathering photos for the issue that we have lovingly referred to as the issue "on porches". We're all professional and technical like that, ya know. We're so excited to share it with you - And I know the gals that contributed pictures are excited too (or maybe just relieved that their photos were not lost in a black hole for the last year).
If you'd like to check out the new issue - Click Here to visit the PORCH site.

And just a quick reminder that this Friday is Vintage Black Friday over at the French Cupboard blog! It's one of my favorite days of the whole month.


  1. Hi Polly
    I ordered a copy and can't wait to get it! Looks wonderful!
    How are you doing? Hope your week is going well.
    Forgot to give you the price on the milagro's you asked about, they are 12.50, I am sorry none if them were marked they were in something else and all the stickys came off
    Blessings to you

  2. I ordered 2, one for me one for Christie. You and Tracie are amazing! I will love every single page. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  3. A year already? My how time flies! It's a joy to work with you, Polly. Thank you for your inspiration, encouragement & love of all things beautiful.

    That Rita (above) is a sweetie, left a comment on my blog as well.

  4. polly
    I am so sorry to ask you this ... I somehow clicked the buy button twice for the magazine ...I really only want one ... can you somehow delete the second debit???

    Can't wait to get this in my mailbox
    thanks for the feature in your lovely magazine.

  5. Hi Polly,
    I am so excited to see Christie's place in your magazine... I did her 1st show and I am getting ready to do another with her and Rita. I love that you did this on the outdoors just in time for the Summer to get wonderful ideas.
    I hope you have had a great week :)


  6. Found you via Cindy at My Romantic Home. On my way over to see your porch site!! Am a follower now too!

  7. I luv the pic's of the barn sale! And the displays are done so well. Thank's for sharing great pic's..Julian

  8. LOVE that gorgeous hat!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens


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