The One That Got Away

I meant to show you these pictures a couple days ago but the week got away from me! Look at this cool old table that we saw at Pec Thing last weekend. I really wanted to sand it down to the naked wood and give it a weathered, aged look. If it weren't for that crazy gorgeous Victorian cornice I got and the upcoming Na-Da Farm sale, I would have been in mourning that I lost this one.

And the bench has storage too. I might have cried over it...

Except that this weekend was the Na-Da Farm barn sale! I'm so glad that I saved a bit of money by not buying that table so that I could spend it at Na-Da! I'll share some more pictures tomorrow. Wait until you see Anne Marie's Hay House and the Patisserie!!
(And for those who know me best... Yes, I bought that Room For Rent sign)


  1. I have never seen a bench like that before. A fantastic find!
    Have a lovely Sunday
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  2. O'la that table and the color. Looking forward to seeing your found treasures! Have fun!

  3. That is a nice multi functional bench table! What a fun and exciting find! I love the pictures with the hay bales in the background!!! ~Shelley

  4. What a great table/bench!! I would have cried over it, too. Thank goodness for that vintage cornice! :) ~ Jo

  5. Can't wait to see what you got. Carla

  6. Polly! I LOVED! meeting you and am SO psyched you are close enough to sell at the next sale.........

    talk soon!
    God Bless,
    Anne Marie

  7. I'm still crying tears ... so sad that I was snuggled down sick while you shopped the Nada farm sale ...

    but blessed to be the creator of the "room for rent" sign that you bought ... I'm honored

    let's chat really soon, or better yet, let's have lunch!

  8. Hi Polly!

    You may not remember me...Mary...I sold at LaDiDa way back when, too. I had forgotten you blogged! And now I see you are going to sell at NaDa next time...I was hoping to as well! Who knew we knew so many of the same bloggers...what a small world here in little old Rockford! Just thought I would stop by and say Hello, I found you after a link on another site. Love you blog...just beautiful!



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