I admit it, I'm a creative junkie. I love creating both in "real" life and online. My family might tell you that it's the only way to keep me sitting still. I can't do nothing. I'm terrible at doing nothing. Which is why I'm really picky about the tv programs that I watch. If I don't love the program, I usually find something else to do. But last night, during the American Idol commercial breaks, I watched American Pickers on my laptop. It's a weekly program that follows the junking escapades of two "scrappers". They knock on doors and ask if they can pick through the stuff in people's barns.

It reminded me of a house that's a few miles from my home.

They've got this mysterious old west town in their backyard.
Anybody wanna go picking?!!


  1. I would love to go "picking" at a place like that. I wish I had the nerve to ask people if I could "pick" their barns. That show is great!


  2. I'm REALLY picky 'bout who I go picking with ... I pick you

  3. My husband and I LOVE that show!!!! There are definitely no places like that around here so we must live vicariously thought the guys on the show!

    My Desert Cottage

  4. Now that looks like a real treasure trove! Yep, I wouldn't mind moseying on over there with a discreet knock on their door.

  5. Sign me up! I actually saw previews for that show before we moved - we don't have cable anymore - or at least not as much ;) so I can't watch it...but I would LOVE to do it in real life!

    {oh and this is only my second time getting into American Idol - the first was the first season - but now without cable both Josh and I got really into it. I already even have a favorite...lol! Can't remember his name but he wears glasses and has a son I think...he sang the Paula Abdul song}

  6. I LOVE that show! (And those guys are from my home state) I'm terrible at doing nothing too, but that show is definitely worth sitting still for! Love your pictures too....what fun!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I need to remember to dvr that show!! Love stuff like that!

  8. That is wild...they really have the old west town in their back yard??? How interesting is that! Yep, you need to go pickin' there, for sure! :-)

  9. oooh yes I would go for sure! Must try and track down this show, it sounds great!

  10. When I saw the commercials for this show I didn't think it would be interesting enough to capture the audience. I was wrong! I love this show! And, yes, I want to go picking!!!!!


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