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Have you ever had a strong sense that you were just meant to be somewhere? That's how I felt about going to Texas this year for the Round Top, Warrenton, Marburger Antique Shows. We certainly didn't have the extra funds to take a trip but I felt so strongly that we should go, I was near weeping when Steve & I talked about the possibility. No, it wasn't just the junking that was romancing me, though you know how my heart flutters at every junking possibility!
You see, last year I got yelled at by one of the vendors for taking pictures and when I say yelled at I mean that she literally chased Steve and I down, shouting loudly. Everyone was staring and I was MORTIFIED! Of course I apologized profusly but she continued to be rude. All the other vendors assured me that this was not the norm and that they welcomed pictures. Needless to say, I was apprehensive about going back this year.
Steve and I drove into Warrenton to attend Theresa Cano's blog party last Sunday, fresh off the plane. I stopped on the way at a tent full of beautiful, white, gauzy shirts and skirts. As I was browsing through the shirts, I heard a loud southern drawl. "OH MY GOSH - Are you Polly from Counting Your Blessings?" I shirked back a bit ready to defend myself. Afterall, I hadn't even taken any pictures yet. Why would someone be yelling at me already??
Turned out to be a sweet blog friend, Lauri - from 2Chippys. We've only met online so you can imagine our surprise. We hugged and laughed at how we could run into each other out there in the middle of all this farmland and thousands of shoppers. I just know that God put her there, at my very first stop, to reassure me. That's her up there on the left wearing a telltale white jacket.

Lauri has amazing found object necklaces that I adore- click here to see some - but I don't adore them nearly as much as I adore her for rescuing me from my own apprehension.

I'm delighted beyond words to have been at the shows this year! We had such fun and were able to really talk with some of the vendors. I can't wait to share our stories and pictures with you.


  1. I flew all the way down from Montreal and was there for the Friday and Saturday, so unfortunately I missed Theresa's blogger party and Marburger, but I met so many of my blogger friends and saw such fabulous things there - I had the best time! Maybe next time I will run into you as well?!!

  2. Well we went to Canton's flea market back in Aug., I got fussed at too for taking pictures. Heck, I was so excited to be in Texas and wanted pictures just for myself, to have to remember my trip by, needless to say I learned not to take pictures unless I ask first.

  3. I haven't (yet) been yelled at for taking pictures, but once at a big, very crowded show I was just wandering in and out of booths when an older dealer very loudly accused me of stealing!! I was absolutely shocked and mortified when I discovered he was yelling, and pointing at ME, and everyone was staring!! It was really awful---I later found out he had Alzheimer's. But I can relate to your experience, and I'm so glad it has been great this trip--can't wait to see your pics!

  4. I can't wait to see AND hear more of your trip! I see Deb of Talkin' Trash...I bet it was soooo fun. Glad you could make it (& that you didn't get yelled at ;)
    everything vintage

  5. I took my camera to a craft fair a couple of weeks ago and I was surprised by the number of vendors that didn't want pictures taken at their booth. The ones that allowed it were so friendly and gracious that I thought enough of their wares that I wanted to put them on my blog. The lady that chased you down was just being down-right rude!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  6. Hi Polly!

    You know, I had the same thing happen at this show. I wasn't yelled at, but when I asked if I could take pictures of her booth so I could blog about it, she wasn't that nice about it. It really hurt me and I felt like I wanted to just leave the show. I was so glad that I didn't let one person spoil the whole thing for me because later that same night is when I met you and your husband and Debbie and Lauri.

    I hope y'all had as much fun as I did. I am looking forward to going back in the Spring. Maybe we'll see each other again? :)


  7. thank you for this lovely post !

  8. Polly, you and your honey looked lovely as always. Thanks for attending my party, we had a blast. Maybe see you in the Spring and you are always welcome to take pics anytime.

  9. It was such a pleasure meeting you. You can take pictures in my booth anytime. LOL!!

    Your fellow junker,

  10. Polly it was great to meet you and your sweet hubby! He reminds me of my hubby! Hope to see you in the spring in Texas!

  11. Hi Polly, it was so nice meeting you. I hate to hear about the mean person last show and I'm glad you came out and got past that mortification. I was glad to let you take pictures in my space. ~Mindy

  12. OHHH! how pretty!! just to hear telling us about all that - the good and bad. it must be really great to find someone you only met through the blog.
    can't wait to see pics!!!! pleasEEEEEEE!
    have a great day,

  13. Polly, it was so much fun to get the meet the person behind such beautiful posts! Your hair is just 2die4 gorgeous and so are the two of you.
    Isn't Laurie just the cutest thing ever? I call her my southern honey baked ham...although I have to watch her pretty close when she's around Cat Daddy!
    Can't wait for Porch to come out and see all your photos.
    Come back and see us again real soon, ya hear?

  14. Hey Polly, I absolutely love this post. I have felt the same way about our meeting ever since it happened. I just think it was meant to be. And as I said with all the things going on with mother I just knew I probably shouldn't try to go but, when I saw you and Steve I felt like I should be there to meet you and share with you. Thank you for being such a sweet spirit and someone to draw strength from the first time we met. I will cherish that day always. And I too can not wait for Porch to come out I must have a copy. Thanks, Lauri


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