My computer has been moody lately!

And I have been busy with lots of projects and have some fun things to share with you but I'm going to make this a quick post as I may lose it all any moment now.

For now, just a few random shots from around the house while I experiment to see if Miss Moody is accepting pictures today.

If you are interested, you can stop over HERE and see a little sewing project that I worked on (and posted before my PC hit menopause).


  1. such pretty things!!!

  2. ha ha ha! your PC and menopause ... I always blame it on the "network" ... great pics (as always!)
    have a super day!
    Betty :)

  3. Mine's in a mood too! And has been all summer...lol. Hope yours gets out of it soon! Beautiful randomness ;)

  4. My computer's USB ports don't work period, so downloading pictures from my camera doesn't work either. It's such a pain! But seeing your gorgeous pictures and lovely blog is making me feel better!!! So lovely!

    :) T


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