Mr. Blessing has come to my rescue.
Last Monday I woke with a strange eye infection and despite antibiotics, it kinda took over. I'm still on bedrest with no voice and a tupperware container full of medicines beside me. Mr. Blessing is answering emails, shipping orders, cooking meals (hamburgers for breakfast??), doing laundry, watching puppies, going to school orientations and sports meetings, doting on me like a grandma and generally holding it all together.
A few nights ago, in the wee morning hours, he thought I was sleeping. He rolled over in bed, put his hand on my arm and he prayed for me. I was reminded that several years ago, when I was a single mom, I heard a woman say that she woke up that morning and her husband was on his knees at her bedside praying for her. She laughed about how it "scared the s*** out of her". She made fun of him. I nearly cried as she told the story. In my heart I said, "Oh Father, I would give anything to have a husband like that."
That moment, when Mr. Blessing was praying for me and I was pretending to sleep, I was praying grateful words, remembering that other woman's story and how my heart ached for a Godly husband. Kinda funny, isn't it - Two people laying beside each other, praying silently for one another in the middle of the night.
Silent overflowing blessings!


  1. Mrs. Blessing, I think you and Mr. Blessing are both wonderfully Blessed. You asked and you received!!!
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. I was tearing up reading this post tonight. What a gift you both have. I think he is definitly a keeper. I hope I raised my son to be that kind of man.
    I do hope you are better soon.

  3. Wow, that just made me want to cry. How precious and how wonderful when our husbands do something "divine". He gets my vote for the best hubby of the year...however mine is pretty wonderful too. Hope you will feel better soon. I will be praying for you.

  4. What a wonderful blessing to have anyone pray for you but hearing your hubby would melt my heart...blessings to you both in your walk to together...sharon

  5. that made me tear up, thats the sweetest story i ever heard, you are truly blessed!!!!!!

  6. True Love. Mr Blessing is aptly nicknamed I think:>) Men like that are few and far between, but the greatest blessing God can give a woman!

  7. What a wonderful post!! Not about you being sick, but your hubby praying for you. My eyes teared up reading this. Be better soon - you are truly blessed. LindaSonia

  8. That is so beautiful. The two of you are soul mates. Your blog is always so inspiring. I love to read it. Hope you feel better very soon.

  9. How wonderful. Such a lovely post. Thank you for sharing. You have a fabulous blog and I love your header shot too.

    Best wishes

  10. Get better soon, Polly! Beautiful post.

  11. My eyes welled up as well...you are both blessed to have found one another...what a beautiful post.

  12. So sorry you are not feeling well! I hope my next words will cheer you up...well, nothing beats a husband who prays for you while you sleep...but...



    Stop by and see...drop me a note at BellaRosaAntiques@verizon.net to let me know where to ship.

    Thanks for your blog support and for helping me celebrate my blogaversary and 300th post.

  13. I can't say anything more than "beautiful!!!!"

  14. hi sis, I've been praying for you ever since Mr. Blessing's email. Hope you are getting better, and praise God for having a husband who loves unconditionally, above and beyond, and in God's sight. love you! xo

  15. What a wonderful blog post. Tears blinded my eyes as I read about you and Mr. Blessing. What a gift God has given you in his presence in your life. Very cool and so inspiring. Mr. Blessings rocks!
    I hope you're feeling better soon.

  16. I bet we all got a little teary eyed after this post. I am so happy that you have such a wonderful man to share your life with. I hope you feel better very soon. I'm going to give my sweetie an extra big hug tonight and tell him how blessed I am to have a great guy too!

    My Desert Cottage

  17. It doesn't get any better than that!! You have a very special husband indeed.
    I have goosebumps reading your story.

  18. Polly
    Just stopped in to say HELLO~~
    your blog is lovely as ever..hugs, Patty

  19. I am praying for you. QWhat a special gift from God your husband is...smiles ...m..

  20. Oh, how I love your blog! ...And your shop! Love love love. Love. :)

  21. You are truly blessed to have a God fearing husband. I too am a single mother hoping and praying that God will send me the blessing of a Christian husband. I wait patiently on the Lord. Hope your eye heals soon.

  22. Awesome post! I'm so happy to find your blog, thanks to Shabby Olde Potting Shed. I'll be back!

  23. Thank you for sharing that story. What a wonderful husband you have and it sounds to me like you treat him pretty well too!

  24. So much I send you to get you on your way to peace and health! Blessings.

  25. Hi there. I just started reading your blog. Thank you for this story about silently praying for each other. I, too, was a single mom for a couple of years before I met my husband. My first husband passed away very suddenly at the age of 40. I was left to raise our three young sons by myself. In my heart, I knew that I was not going to be alone for the rest of my life and I knew, when the time was right, my sons' father would send me someone very special. Almost two years to the day that my first husband passed I met an incredible man and I knew very early on that he was sent from above. Not a doubt in my mind. God truly does answer our prayers, doesn't He?!!?

    I look forward to getting to know you better thru your blog. : ) God bless.

    ~ Wendy

  26. Oh my goodness ~ what a blessing your husband is ! I am like the others who have commented that I got teary eyed reading this post ~
    How beautiful Polly !

  27. what a delightful post. My husband has put his hand on me in then ight and prayed too. At the moment we are struggling with our trust in God after the recent death of our 7 week old grandson. But it brought back those sweet memories and the longing for that relationship with the Lord again.

  28. Thanks for coming over for a visit and for your kind words and prayer

  29. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.


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