No Curbs

He rested his 6 year old head against the car door, watching the trees zoom by. His eyes were watery from the wind whipping in all four windows. "MOM!" -He startled me with his anxious shout - "Look! There's no curbs!!"

We decided on a whim yesterday to take the kids out to the country and just see what we could find to do. They complained when we told them, of course.

But when we stopped at a quaint little shop and the manager asked if the kids wanted to play with the baby pigs out back, they warmed to the idea.

And they spent hours practicing their "vaults" over picnic tables, fallen trees, benches - whatever they could find.

All in all... a lovely day without curbs.


  1. Pigs will do it every time! Love the 'no curbs' ... very astute young one. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. those piggies are so cute! and so glad to see you took the time to enjoy the country with your kids!!

    have a great week :)

  3. Haha! No Curbs! I love it. It sounds like a lovely day. :)

  4. I alway frequented the shops where the owners brought their dog or cat to work with them. It kept my kids entertained while I shopped. But pigs? Nope, never ran across that! My kids would have loved it too!

  5. I crave days without curbs...they're the best kind of day. :-)


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