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Well here's a "green" building solution that I hadn't heard of before ~ shipping containers! Homes, stores, cafes...

I've seen lots of little shops popping up that are housed in airstreams or travel trailers but shipping containers is new to me.

(container photos: MSN Real Estate)


  1. I love Airstreams, the old ones are getting harder and harder to come by. The buildings made out of shipping containers are amazing!

    I'm doing a French Limoges giveaway at my place and would love for you to enter.

    Hugs, Karyn

  2. Saw this on TV, what a twists. Makes sense tho. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. What a sweet blog you have, I also went over to your banner blessings and used one of your banners, they are beautiful. thank you for sharing them. I'm going to add myself to your followers too : ) hugs, Jennifer

  4. Oh my goodness, I want that Illy cafe to pull behind my SUV so when I feel the need for my favorite espresso it's handy. You made my day... even showed Shayne!

  5. What will they think of next! Have cafe; will travel. :)
    Blessings, Gerri

  6. LOL! Is that a TOILET coming out of the side of that storage container/cafe in the top photo???

    Is that sanitary, ROFLOL!! How is this possible.

  7. Wow, so interesting! Hope you, Steve and the kids are enjoying the early days of summer!

  8. Hello Polly..
    ..been awhile ,
    love the new banner an the angel wings below..don't ya just love lace (:)


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