Crazy Lovely

Our house is filled to overflowing with kids!

My sister and her 5 children are back in town indefinitely and you would think that my kids have been estranged from any child their own age. Between my 4, my sisters 5 and my mom's 3 (mom & dad adopted kids that are the ages of our children), it's the most lovely kind of craziness!


  1. Sounds like you have a full house! nothingis better than having your family all around you..Enjoy them!! hugs, Jennifer

  2. WOW - a full house indeed!! I love it when my kids are out school for Summer. We have such fun - I added your new Blog Widget to my blog, I LOVE it sis!! The French Cupboard is really flourishing isn't it? Hope you have a fun week! xo

  3. That certainly is a houseful of perfection.
    Nothing beats the sound of children playing, laughing having fun and squabbling!!

  4. Hope you all enjoy the time spent together!

  5. That does sounds sweet and fun for the kids.

  6. Your picture is so sweet and peaceful looking! And I just laughed when I read about your kidfilled house! Have fun!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I just love a full house too...most of the

  8. Don't you love it? I had 12 children for lunch last Sunday and wished they had stayed the entire weekend!


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