Chippy Columns

We were in the market for a highboy dresser. Nothing fancy. Just a tall dresser for our son's room. Do you think I could leave that second-hand shop without the $10 chippy old columns?!

Yep, a pair for $10! I can't think of one single way to appropriately store tidy-whities on them!!


  1. Ohhh Polly... too funny! You'll soon find something for those "whities" to go in... but for now, just savor the sweet old chippy columns... awesome find! Hope the week is off to a great start for you... God bless...

    ~hugs 'n prayers~


  2. You're right, chick! There is no way I would have left that store without those columns. I know just the place I would have put them also.

  3. Well that was an amazing find for $10! Those columns are simply fabulous!

  4. Very cool. I been looking for a pair for my dinning room I just need to convince my husband he needs them for the dinning room also.
    Thank you

  5. ok, i'm totally jealous! Those are so fun!
    God bless,

  6. Are you kidding me?! What a find! Those columns are beautiful! Hey, he's a boy - he can just stuff the undies under the bed or something for now.

  7. You would have been absolutely nuts not to purchase those columns at that price, what a great find!

  8. Hi Polly,
    I also LOVE your columns and what a super PRICE...they are SOOO expensive around here..I've been looking for some and nothing in my price range, yet...
    Have fun with them and can't wait to see where you put them.

  9. Soe of the most useful things I have ever purchased I didn't know why I bought them at the time. It's like radar....we just know that we will need it later or that it will be the perfect thing for that space...

    Warm Wishes,
    Karen Eileen

  10. Polly, you got the deal of the century. Put my name on them when you are ready to part with them, ok!

  11. Wow...what a beautiful find! Forget "T"...let me know when you need to sell them! :)

    Can't wait to see what you do with them! xo...deb

  12. Wow - Gorgeous photos, so romantic and dreamy...I love photos that turn out that way! Happy Week to you Sis - xoxo

  13. Sweet find! Usually when I go to our second-hand shops I find old shower seats; never gorgeous chippy columns.
    Love your eye for romantic composition!

  14. Hey --- I will give you $20.00 for them!!!!! What do you think???? LOL

  15. Oh my...I absolutely LOVE your blog! I am going to tell all my freinds.....I love all the pictures, links, and decorating ideas! You go girl!!! Blessings Julie

  16. Hi Polly, your chippy column is wonderful, love that kind of stuff.

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  17. LOL! I'd buy them if I couldn't think of ANY purpose for them!

    Very pretty columns!


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