Cosmetic Upgrades

The Friday Flea Market is getting a face-lift!
No nipping or tucking involved.
If you are a seller and want to submit a thumbnail photo for our Shopping Page, feel free to email it to me. The list is no where near complete but go on over and take a little lookylu. Tell me if you like it.


  1. Sounds wonderful... I'm off to go take a look. Glad no nips or tucks are involved!

  2. Very cute Polly
    where am I (:) LOL hugs, Patty

  3. I think it looks fantastic! Is there anything you can't do :o)

  4. I'm with Tracie - off to take a look!! This sounds fun, and at the best time of the year too! Is Flea Market something you do every week or just for the Holidays? How exciting Sis! xoxo


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