PORCH Holiday Is Here!!

IT'S HERE! The Holiday issue of Porch Magazine will begin shipping within a week! Lots and lots of our favorite bloggers contributed stories and photos! You don't want to miss it. Get your copy Here.


  1. Porch -- Yippee!
    Off to look at the Friday Flea Market.

  2. So excited about Porch!

    All cute stuff! Love the vintage hats!

  3. Oh the hats are so lovely!!! Can't wait to see the magazine too!!! And I just love your "servant's quarters" on the post below... oh the possibilities for that space!

  4. HI POLLY!!!

    I am SO excited about your PORCH mag! WOOO HOOOO!!! I'm ashamed to say I haven't been here in so long that your blog was all new to me! It was fun to spend some time tooling around to see what you've been up to!


  5. Polly keep it up!!! loving everything here...and you deserve Magnolia Pearl in your life


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