Polly's Petticoat

My dauther and I had such a lovely time at the Nutcraker ballet the other day! I was all prepared to show you pictures of the amazing historic theatre but Miah thought you'd appreciate this more...
We parked about a block and a half from the theatre and it was a brisk walk indeed. After the show, I was so intent on getting my daughter out of the cold that I was rushing to the car. We had our dress coats on - swishing in the cold wind. It's rare for me to get dressed up but I had worn a smoky ruffled petticoat under my velvet skirt and a much loved Magnolia Pearl top. We stopped at the crosswalk, looked for cars and I nearly fell on my face... tripping over my own petticoat that had fallen around my ankles! Miah took a picture of the outfit- just to commemorate.


  1. I feel terrible to laugh but that's so funny!!!...I'm glad you're alright! Nice Picture!

  2. I Love It!!!!
    What a fun outfit, very telling :0)
    Screams out "creative, free, elegant"....love it!!!

  3. Well, Polly...
    All that matter is at least you looked good doing it. Love the outfit and hope you're not sore from the fall. Hey, we've all done it... I did in the grocery store in front of everyone standing in line at the express lane and I had jeans on. At least YOU did it in style and I'm sure grace ;)
    The top photo is beautiful too - ooh and love, love, love that purse!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. Well, chickee, ya look adorable in the outfit! Very vintage. Truly, you look like a teeny bopper, honey! I should look so good! ;-)
    Happy thanksgiving

  5. What a beautiful picture. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, T

  6. You look great!!! I LOVE your outfit!!!!

  7. What an amazing theatre!
    Sorry about your fall!

  8. Ha, well, the important thing is how great you looked while tripping! So I am glad you have the photo to prove it!

    Happy thanksgiving!


  9. Polly ~ I just adore your pretty outfit and especially the petticoat ~ I think we need to go back to the days of petticoats although I do love my blue jeans ~

  10. Your storey is too funny. One of my best friends & I went to Jason's deli last year, as we were going across the parking lot she yells at me & I turn around to see what was wrong & she is standing between 2 cars with her skirt around her ankles! It was so funny! I will never forget that day. I laughed until I cried! Thanks for sharing, you brought back fun memories. Hugs***Renea

  11. I love the outfit, very cute....thanks for sharing it. Very nice photo.


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