Friday Flea Market

Welcome to the Friday Flea Market!!

New Crinkle Ribbon Colors - Click Here

Vintage Grandmother's Garden Quilt - Click Here


  1. Thank you for posting the button!

    I was trying to order white crinkle ribbon...not sure about the $...I don't need insurance...

  2. They all look great!! Have a wonderful weekend! :) Vanessa

  3. Hi Polly - The sewing suitcase in my store is $49. It is the cutest thing. Let me know if you want it and I'll mail right away. I haven't checked shipping, but it would be actual shipping cost. I didn't get the email about the new FFM and just looked at the site. Love the new banner and I need to go read up on it. Sounds like a good idea. We just opened our space at the Antique Gallery in Round Rock, TX. (I have pics on my blog) I'm so busy with that and my son is getting married ON Thanksgiving so I have to figure out my options. I'm thinking of doing a Pappashop like you have and then link FFM to that. It looks like it is a much better setup than just selling from blogspot. What do you think? Anyway, let me know about the suitcase. Hugs to you, Nancy

  4. Hope you are having a good weekend! As always you things look great!


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