Energizer Bunny

Here's a senerio unfolding waaay to often at my house lately... "MOM, come here - Quick!" I run, usually bumping my knee on my desk or the sewing machine as I stand in haste. "HURRY, Mom, hurry!" As I round the corner... there he or she is, pointing at the TV. "I want that!!"
But for Hallmark, I could do without the Christmas commericals. =)


  1. Luna's still learning how to speak... soon she will asking for things that appear on TV too! Blessings! Vanessa

  2. I hear ya! Too many comericals these days!

    Stop on over, I'm having a Santa challenge & giveaway.

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  3. You have been tagged...come by and see..

  4. LOL! That is too funny! The photo is very cute.

  5. Oh! That caught me off guard! I hadn't seen that. Big 'ol tears in my eyes. I never watch t.v.
    I do however look at my new Porch magazine, which is very pretty! Thank you for the mention on the first page :) I just heard from Niki in Russia...I'm so glad my pkg. reached her. It cost way more than I expected but was worth it in the end :)

  6. Now that I have a blog...I don't watch much t.v. at all. I usually only watch movies that we rent or old ones that I own. I received my first Porch magazine yesterday and I love it! I will be ordering the next one too.
    Your photo and post was cute. I will have to try to see the Hallmark commercials.

  7. hahahaha!!! My 6 year old son does that to me!!!! hahahaha!!!!

    I love that others are going through the same thing as me!!!!

  8. Ok,I hate to be the bearer of this news..but my daughters are 26 and 29....and I still here Mom I want that! I have the secret to fixing the "I WANTS".....everytime your little one is deeply involved in something....call her and tell herMommy was thinking abut something...( make up anything) and tell her I want it! Your little one will tire of the game...and if not ...hang on Momma...only 30 something days till Christmas! Thanks for stopping in at my blog..and I have thought about doing FRIDAY flea...just need to get thru the next week and I hope to be able to join the fun! Thanks!

  9. I miss hearing that! Really , doesn't Hallmark do the best commercials. They always get me teary - eyed. Sue

  10. Thank you! Thank you for that beautiful scripture and reminder of what home should be.

    It's truly something beautiful to aim for.

  11. Hi Polly,
    What a sweet little shoe with the buny peaking out! It's so much fun to decorate with baby shoes..just love them. No kids here to tell me Mom..come here...I want...:)
    Take care.

  12. j'adore ce petit lapin en tricot.


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