Cameos & Lockets

Apparently I like necklaces. I've never been a jewelry person so this has kinda snuck up on me. I've worn the same diamond studs in my ears for 10 years. My only rings are wedding and anniversary rings. But yesterday I was puttering around and realized just how many necklaces I have. I guess my relatives have known that I have a fondness for necklaces because I've been getting scores of cute oldies as gifts over the last couple of years. And I wear them! Sometimes I wear a couple at a time. How in the world did this affinity slip by me? Maybe I should try out some new earrings...

P.S. Here's a great deal that showed up in my in-box today! (click to enlarge)

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  1. What beauties those necklaces!
    Off to check out the offer. Thanks, Polly ;)

  2. Oh, cameos and lockets are the sweetest! Lovely photo.

  3. Beautiful necklaces! I used to wear a lot more jewelry. I guess with kids and housekeeping it seemed a bit awkward to wear them. But now and then when I go out I look for one to wear. I suppose I should start finding some prettier ones, then maybe I'd wear them more often!



  4. You have a great assortment of necklaces shown!
    May I ask what that is ontop of the neck of your bust?

  5. love the necklaces. I wear the same jewelry you wear - diamond studs that never come out except for a cleaning, and my wedding rings. But I LOVE jewelry and collect alot of necklaces.

  6. Gorgeous Necklaces! Ha, ha, the security word is "bling"! lol

  7. They're all so cute, but I especially like the one with the keys.
    Brenda :)

  8. WOW, I had a lot of posts to catch up on with you!
    Your necklaces are fab, and I love the display. Yes, you should try more earrings!

    And YES, I love your yardsale skirt with the denim jacket, you look gorgeous!

    The attic space is AWESOME. So many neat things up there too.

    Your window photo is REALLY pretty, I also enjoyed "down the lane".

    No, I do not think hanging clothing up as art is weird, or if it is.... I guess I'm weird too.

    A 50 cent green roaster!! You lucky dog!
    I liked that music paper and the porcelain doll too~

  9. They all look wonderful! Love those necklaces! Have a great day! :) Vanessa

  10. Hello :) Would you believe, I only just found your comment on my "A Thousand Times (i love you)" post! You left it on the thirtieth of July!

    Thankyou, very much, for your kind words. I've restarted my blog (as you may have guessed, by the photo there) in case you are interested. I got to 1000! On time!!! *grin* I'm being sneaky now, and having them published into a book just for him as a gift. I hope I can get it done in time for Christmas, but he may get it for valentines day :)

  11. Ooooh lovely necklaces Polly!!! I love them all!

    Great postcard deal!


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