Gypsy Rose

Since you asked... I guess we'll be counting some Marburger blessings this week. I think I took over 200 pictures so this is just scratching the surface, believe me! How 'bout if we take a bit each day? Ok gals, pull up your bootstraps and we'll hit the trail. Before you even reach Marburger Farm, there's a little bit of shabby chic-y heaven that you have to visit...

Miss Gypsy Rose, if you're reading this ('cause I'm just that vain to think you would), please send me your email address or your site link or something! These gals are dying to visit you =)

I'm still in the process of getting my bearings straight... going through bazillions of email and shipping out orders. If I haven't gotten back to you, I promise that I will! If it's urgent, email me again. Ya gotta kick up some dust sometimes! Guess this victorian girl has gotten a little country-fied in the hills of Texas. Oh, how could you not - what with all those petticoats & cowboy boots?!


  1. Oh my goodness Polly! What a fun looking place! I am looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos of this trip:>)

  2. Polly, it was so nice to meet your and your honey. I never did get around to see her. She also sells in Canton Tx at the Flea Market. Hope you had fun and found lots of great things. Maybe I'll see you in the Spring!!

  3. Check out the bed springs with punch cups hanging off!!!!

  4. {{Jaw dropping}} YOur photos are just spectacular!!! Oh, I want to jump right in one of them!!!

    Just beautiful!!!! I'm so glad you got to go!!!!

    Take care!

  5. You lucky girl! I was thinking about all of you and wishing I was there! Sent you some info for Porch. Stop by and enter my giveaway! M.

  6. Ooooooh, riiiiiiiiightttTT, just make me jealous, my little cherub!!! I'm just so envious you get to go there......

  7. Ooh, something new to look forward to each day at Marburger (or before Marburger... whatever, I'll take it)!

    How did you not lose your mind?

    Miss Gypsy Rose is a doll posing there for you. Are those bed springs hanging from the ceiling? How cute. That glider in the first photo is great - well everything is - that and that and that...

    Thanks for sharing, Polly!

  8. j'adore,j'aimerais chiner ici,mais je suis vraiment trop loin,
    quel dommage....

  9. Thank you for the tour of Gypsy Rose...would love to shop there but alas I live far too far away for a trip right now...perhaps in the spring.

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  10. WOW! Polly!! You must have had the time of your life! And this is the before Marbuger pics! I am jealous....
    p.s. thanks for visiting my post at Home Goods :-)

  11. WOW WOW WOW! Gypsy Rose looks like a really fun place! I love all the wonderful things!

  12. Hey! That's Becky Cavel (aka Gypsy Rose). She is also a vendor at Canton First Monday Trade Days. She sets up right across from me -- at The Porch. Isn't her space great!?!

  13. oooo, what an awesome place..You are so lucky to get to go there...

  14. I can't believe I just found one of my life-long best friends here on your blog. Becky and I have been friends since seventh grade!
    Becky (Rose) Cavel is a vendor at Canton Trades Days....@ The Porch. She is also one of the sweetest, most wonderful friends you could ever wish for! Loved seeing her here.
    ((BeckAnn, you look great!!)


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