Velvet AntsyPants

I got a gift in the mail a few days ago!! I was so breathless, I nearly choaked up =) Can you believe I've been talking about this book since October of 2006? Hey, two years is a long time when you're an antsypants! And when it arrived, did I devour it entirely? No, instead I find myself savoring each little morsel. But you knew I would, didn't you?!
Well, smartypants, did you know that Sunday dawned with pumpkin inspiration at my house? See, not everything in my head is about Magnolia Pearl style. It's purely coincidental that they all have a bit of velvet & a dash of lace!
If I haven't mentioned it before... You're gonna want this book!!


  1. oh wow what can I say about her site it is ''way over the top LOVELY'' ~!! Love those pumpkins too ~~
    hugs, Patty

  2. Oh Polly,
    That's wonderful, an autographed copy signed by the author!!! I pre-ordered mine months ago and I'm waiting for it to be delivered... I hope tomorrow. I am going to be like you and savor every page when it gets here...
    How nice Robin signed it for you - you a special one for sure ;)

  3. Gosh Polly~
    I'm sorry. Everything in my head is Magnolia Pearl when I saw that photo. I love the pumpkins by the way! Okay, now back to normal.
    Blessings to you ~Tracie

  4. Wow! How did you get anautographed copy? How cool is that! I love the pumpkins too, a really great way to make them not the "usual". Great job Polly:>)

  5. Hi Polly!
    Wow! What a neat surprise in the mail...and an autographed copy, too!! Whoo hooo!! I'm sure you were tickled pink! I've been wanting this book for awhile after I saw her article in Country Living magazine.

    I wanted to thank you so much for hosting Friday Flea Market! It is wonderful to be among such delightful vendors every week. I can't believe how many new sellers you have now!!

    Hope you have a nice week!!
    Hugs, Bebe :)

  6. UNREAL cute those pumpkins!! I cannot spend $ but I'd have dozens of them if I could. So happy for you to have Pearl in your hands ;)

  7. Hello Polly
    I wanted to thank you for offering the free banners and invite you to visit to see what I did with the beautiful "Gates" or Mansion.
    Thank you again,

  8. Wonderful pumpkins...just love them. I will need to check on this wonderful book, I do love Magnolia Pearl, I wish I could wear those pants and that I could afford them :).

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  9. Can't wait to see it myself Polly! And how fabulous to have it inscribed!!


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