Nothing Party

There's a constant sheet of quiet rain outside my window today and I've decided on a book (or maybe a magazine) for the task of the day. Sounds like the sky is twisting up there. I've only managed to be puttery thus far so I'm just going to give in. =) I have the notion to do lots of nothing.
It's a notions nothing party! (isn't that old crown pincushion cool with the tape measure on the bottom?! but the green apple is still my fav)
I unwrapped one of the parcels from our trip this morning (not a word about my laxadasical-ness) and I was comforted somehow to find a wooden spool of silk thread mixed in the bag of old notions. It's odd shaped - kinda squashed like - but the thread is as soft as baby hair.
Reminds me of girlhood rainy days when mom was sewing and I was tucked behind the sofa in a makeshift corner of a dreamy gabled home- just me and Anne.
207) That He shelters me... from rain, from life... What's this list about?)


  1. Simple things can look so decorative and take you back to the past. Notions hold such memories I agree.

  2. I love how you are adding to "the list" with each post. It is a good reminder for me to be thankful. Now, could you please pray for some of that rain to head our way? We live in southern Arkansas and have not had rain for almost a month!

  3. I used to collect old spools...wish I still had are you my dear....

    missn our chats.

  4. Ya know, I have days like that! I'll just putter by polishing the silver, cleaning out sock or junk drawers, rearranging "fluff" around the house - some things to different locations or rooms - or even just reading old decorating books. Today, HOWEVER, I'm painting the remodeled wall and washing "faux" plants in this ridiculously filthy house! I guess that could be called "puttering", right, sweet blessed chick?! :-)

  5. Your blog is always a delight!♥

    Have a beautiful and inspiring day!

  6. What an adorable things! Hugs!! Vanessa

  7. Love it Polly! I love notions...and those nothing days! It's been rainy here quite often and I have had a penchant for "nothing" times too...hehe ;) The problem is getting out of it...and remembering that I do have "somethings" to! Sweet pictures...


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