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How did our parents ever stand us when we were young and smarter than them??? Here's a conversation overheard at our house today...
Boy: We have to be careful when we're outside now because lots of neighbors said they saw a bobcat or something up on their porch at night.
Mom: That's strange. Around here??
Boy: Yeah!!
Daughter: What's a bobcat?
Boy: It's an animal that's really, really dangerous.
Daughter: How big is it?
Boy: You know how big those boxer dogs are... Well, it's like two times that big... Like a tiger!
Daughter: (near tears) Will it come after us?
Mom: No, it's not going to come after us and I don't think they are quite that big.
Boy: Yes, they are. They're huge! Maybe even more dangerous than a tiger.
Mom: (assuring Daughter, who looks pale) We don't even know for sure if it was a bobcat. I mean, we live in the city... well, sorta in the city...
Boy: It's definitely a bobcat! We'd better tell dad... AND put some knives upstairs in case we need them in the middle of the night! Miah, wanna help me hide the knives?
Mom: NO knives!!
Boy: (to Daughter) Dad has my pocket knives in his armoire. I know where they are, even though he took them away...
Mom: He took them away because you shouldn't have them (grandpa!)...
Boy: There's a real BB gun in there too! If there's a bobcat at our house - - I'll kill him!!
Mom: I don't think it's a bobcat. Maybe a possum... BB gun??? No, it's not a real gun. Remember when you and Mitch were fighting over it...
Boy: It could be a wolf....
Daughter: (shakey voice) How big is a wolf?
Boy: Waaaaay, way bigger than a bobcat...
Mom: There's no bobcat!
Boy: Well there might be...
Mom: We aren't gonna talk about this anymore.
Boy: Just 'cause stupid Miah's a scaredy-BOBcat!


  1. Very similar to 2 of my grandsons, little chickee! *Sigh*..........

  2. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! LOL with tears in my eyes - Really Polly that was a great laugh to start my day!!!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comments. I will definitely look into the Friday Flea Market for the future. Has great possibilities. When my son was small and it was just he and I, he would do things to protect us. Like, setting up legos in front of the door so we would know if someone came it! One time he hung a plastic picnic knife from a plant hook over the kitchen island to scare anyone that might come in through the kitchen door. Kids are something else! I'll be in touch! M.

  4. OH it is always about the buttons in the end, isn't it?!
    My sister-in-law on our same property...says her husband spotted a bobcat here :) Not kidding. Not so big...no tail....and we live near an army base. Well lots of soldiers for some reason like to buy exotic animals. Guess what they do with them when they deploy???

  5. Hi Polly,
    I just love kid talk :) I BET it is as big as he said they are :) lol ... your kids are sweet and I can see the look on your daughter's face...Kailee looks like that when she see spiders :(
    Have a great weekend.
    Warmly, Deb :)

  6. They sound so cute!! My boys are like that! Most of the time they try to outdo the other with their tall tales! And they have 10 years difference between them! Cole is 17 and Garrett is 7. Have a happy holiday!

  7. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Polly!!! I have sooooo been there! I really do miss it. They are all raising little ones of their own now who are asking them about bears in the neighborhood!
    p.s. I am having my 300th post giveaway..come enter!

  8. Polly..that's cute...love the conversation!!

    Hope all is well with you and yours...

  9. Oh that sounds so familiar!! Too funny!! Well at least it's funny when it's someone else!

    I'm having a give away in honor of my new blog!! Get over here and sign up lol!!

  10. So funny! Reminds me of my son's fishing stories . . . fresh water sharks don't ya know!

    ~ Karen

  11. Your boy is such a boy...did this really happen? My sons would make a trap...I don't think real weapons would occur to them.

    And my daughter would want to adopt the new "cat"

  12. That cracked me up so much! I have a 14 year old who kept knives in his bedroom just in case... thanks for the laugh!

  13. Funny! This reminded me of a conversation told to me years ago. The little girl was on her way to take her bath when the older brother said there was a bug in the tub. The sister refused to take her bath, and the mother tried to get the son to tell her there really wasn't a bug. Finally the son said, "There's no bug in the tub.............the spider ate it."
    Boys! LOL


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