Miss Clavel's Office

The one good thing that comes from having to pick up your child at the principals office is that you get to see 12 little girls in 2 straight lines...


  1. I LOVE Madeline....she's so sweet. My "Miss Priss" has outgrown her. Sadly.
    I just added you onto my "Friends I Visit" spot on my site :~)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Nice way of lookin' at things..LOl...
    I love Madeline!!
    Okay...you banner rocks!!love love love it! did you do it?
    Hope your weekend is going well.XO

  3. Oooops, The P's office :) I have been there!! I have I have!! ;)

    ps: I am sooo delighted you watched S&s and P&P!! I am a period movie lover to the 10000th degreeee!! xoxo

  4. Oh, everywhere I go tonight I follow Miss Vanessa's comments. I am hot on her trail!

    Yes, I've been there too. With my son! Yes, my kindergarten son (last year). We had a rough year learning not to jump off the lunch room bench, not to rough house in PE, not to sing too loudly in music and not to laugh too loudly at jokes, and certainly not to talk to your friend while the teacher was teaching. Poor kid, it was tough learning to curb his natural instincts for the good of the class.

    It was great to finally meet the principal, though, after so many years with perfectly obedient girls in the same school! Having a boy has been a whole new experience all around.


  5. No straight lines of little girls where we are!
    I still don't see a link to ebay...I'll just go to ebay and type in countin..

  6. I loved those books growing up! Love, Esther

  7. hey Sis - We love Madeline!!! How cool is that photo! I have never seen the "straight line" cut-outs at a school before. Loved this post!! Miss Clavel - wasn't she the sweetest ever???? Madeline got into trouble and Miss Clavel was always kind.
    xo Sher

  8. My sweet grandaughter loves those books...Smiles

  9. Uh oh! But I do love Madeline...hehe!!!

  10. Oh your store is so charming......I love all of the goodies!!! Plan to do some serious shopping!!


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