Angels Unaware

I was caught unawares Saturday night! New family members are usually surprised... Christmas at the club... out in the country... Especially with the new fallen snow to disguise the wooded area. Until, of course, they realize that The 'Coon Club is a 2 room hunter's haven with 1970's linoleum, a boarded over fireplace, dark paneling on every wall and curbside furniture that even I wouldn't pick up! In its defense, there are some great spots for skinning and gutting the catch of the day! This winter wonderland has been the place of our large family gatherings since I was a young girl. We've all gotten used to it's charms and we know not to expect romance or dazzle or anything of the like. I was prepared for it!

Until I got this! Even on a metal folding chair with children throwing winged toys all around, a brown paper package tied up in string unraveled my heart.

My cousin has been performing locally in The Sound Of Music as Sister Berthe. This was a grab gift so she didn't know who would be receiving the box. She filled it with some of her favorite things and I have been savoring each little one of them! I told her that I just had to put a picture on the blog... and then I had to explain about the blog. We only see each other a few times a year - even though I truly adore her. I guess life gets in the way. In fact, we talked about how it's difficult to buy gifts for people that you don't see that often and feel like you don't know that well.

She was surprised about the blog and said, "I didn't think you were so open about your faith." How is that I've managed to live very openly about my faith for the last 11 years everywhere except out at that 'Coon Club?? Because I've gone "prepared", I suppose.

Do not forget to entertain strangers: for in doing so some have entertained angels unawares.

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