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We did something last night that we rarely do. Our family went out to eat... at a sit-down restaurant. All of us. It costs so much to take everyone out that we don’t do it very often. In fact, to the misfortune of the child who might choose to stay overnight with a friend, we usually pick that night to eat out, specifically because we have one less to feed. We happened to be just outside of our city (dropping off someone else’s child, because apparently we don’t have enough of our own) and it was dinner time, of course. We pulled into the parking lot and went over yet again the financial crisis we’ll be thrown into if the children refuse to eat off the kids menu; The severe punishments that will be awaiting at home for anyone who fights with his or her brother or sister; And again that the creamers on the table are not to drink; You probably can stand the salt shaker on it’s end but you may not; And do not ask for dessert... and so on...

We always get the biggest semi-circle booth so inevitably hubby and I can’t reach someone and that someone is conveniently the one misbehaving. My 4 year old has to tell everyone we pass on the way to our booth, "My name is Davis". And he likes to add, "shamalamadingdong". No, I don’t know why. When the waitress arrived, I did what I always do. I ordered what I knew the little ones would eat. The waitress pretends to listen to what they want and then I tell her what I want them to have. However, one of them managed to order a half pound cheeseburger. (To his credit, he ate it all...somehow! He was licking ketchup from under his fingernails as we were paying, so no money wasted there!)

Once the orders are placed, then the creativity begins. Tic-Tac-Toe, breaking all the crayons in the cup, how much ice will fit on the spoon, etc.... Our 6 year old daughter who hates coloring during school hours was very insistent that she HAD to finish the place mat-coloring sheet by herself and "Stop touching my crayons, stupid!" So this is the conversation between our 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son:

Son: Did you know that cheese is made out of mustard?
Daughter: Out of what??
Son: Cheese.
Son: I mean, mustard.
Daughter: Jesus is not made out of mustard!! He isn’t made out of anything!
Son: Yes, He is, dummy, He’s made out of God!
Daughter: So God is full of mustard?
Son: "Mom, why didn’t you name me Shark boy?"

(p.s. Don’t forget... Friday is Yellow Rose Day!!)
(My dad made that lamp for me last Summer. It's just the right height to poke someone's eye out! But I adore it and I adore him.)


  1. Oh that did make me laugh Polly- and I love the latest umbrella photo!!!

  2. Oh Polly! That made me laugh and sure brought back memories! I can remember taking my 4 little boys to sit down restaurants every once in a while!

    Love the lamp!

  3. That brought a smile, and also some memories of when my boys were little. They are 17 and 21, and they actually get along now! When we go out to eat, they sit and converse with one another, and it's unbelievable, because they used to fight like crazy!

  4. Oh you crack me up! I can totally hear the conversation because we've had it as well. My sons fight like wild banshees and are just about as loud too. Glad to know that I'm not the only insane one. Welcome to the group. When things like that happen I feel like Cheswick in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: I want MY cigarettes! Terrible I know....


  5. Hi Polly,
    I believe God is made of mustard too. Your son and I are kindred spirits. lol. That was such a cute story and one you will remember all their lives and be able to tell their wives. Won't that be fun????
    I love the umbrella lamp your Dad made you, it's really unique.

    Thanks for stopping in and making a comment on my blog.
    I am gearing up for the Fabulous Yellow Rose on Friday.
    :) Bren

  6. That was a really cute post! I only have one son so I didn't get the fun times like you! It will give you plenty of memories for dinner table conversations in years to come!
    Great post!!

  7. What a cute story! It's incredible what kids come up with. Thanks for giving me something to smile about this morning.


  8. Hilarious! Love the lamp and typewriter, too!


  9. LOL
    I know how you feel! Eating out can be a real adventure with children!

  10. "God is Made of Mustard"....Oh My...I laughed so hard at your restaurant story. That's precious!

  11. Hi Polly...yes it is tomorrow and so far it's better! I haven't had a chance to update my post yet as we are preparing for friends from out of town to come in today.
    Thanks for your kind words!

  12. Oh Polly! what a funny story, thanks for sharing it with us. I can tell you that when they grow up you will long for those days of funny little things they say and do but you probably wont believe me until you live it yourself. Too sweet:>)

  13. LOLWAW (laughing out loud while at work) Love, Esther

  14. I just re-read your post. LOVE the dinner conversation!! Too cute!!!!!!!!

  15. Polly...I would have love to be seated in the next booth! You crack me up...

  16. Oh Polly that is without doubt the funniest thing i have read in a long time.I just cant stop laughing. I love the shamalamadingdong bit, that is just way too funny. What a fantastic family you have :)

    Luv Shann xo

  17. Oh..I get it! (the first picture!) Monkey...yes, they are our monkies and we love 'em!! LOL!!!

  18. Polly,

    What a great story, remember that there is a special place in heaven for the Moms.:)

    Your blog is such a fun place to visit, I love your posts and photographs!

  19. Oh, how fun and cute. I wish I had been at the next table ;-) It's wonderful that you have this written down for posterity. I wish I had done more of that!

  20. That is such a funny story, sounds soo real!

    Anyhu,Polly , do you think it will be ok if I put a link of your weblog on my blog and vice verca. Let me know what you think? Ta for now.



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