Mansion of Little Means

Well, the grandma sitting was fun yesterday but, unbelievably, I missed puttering around doing all my little pretty stuff. We are assigned the job again today (my in-laws are her caregivers and they are taking a much needed vacation this week) so I think I'll have to bring something to do. It's surprising that I got bored of looking at my beautiful magazines. I never get bored of that at home... but I suppose that's because I never have the time to look at magazines at home!

They have a gorgeous home! It's HUGE. 6000 square feet, an indoor pool, an in-law quarters, a spiral staircase hidden away in a closet, a game room and so many other rooms! But they don't have much money. They sold their own house and Gram's house in the suburbs in order to purchase this one. In fact, this is a family living on very little but God gave them a house to fit all the grandkids when they come in for the holidays, etc. I'm so glad that they have this house to enjoy! But yesterday, I missed my own old fashioned farm house. I looked in their cabinet and there weren't any dishes with roses. So... today I'm going to take some fabric over to cut and get ready to fill those tins for ebay.
And tomorrow I think I'll be very happy to wake up in my not-6000 square foot house... and to just be kidsitting again.


  1. I just found your lovely blog and I must tell you this story is sweetly sad.

    My own Grams moved into our home so we could care for her during the last 18 months of her life, and I know what a financial and emotional tole that can be - while at the same time a huge blessing.

    I hope your family is doing well. I'll be back to read more about you for sure.

    I greatly enjoyed your lovely blog!

  2. A sweet story, Polly!! Love the plateau mirror and your pink dishes!

    Yes, I am giving the goodies away! I am loving my fabrics that you gave to me! Thank you again! I am contemplating a handbag and a few pillows.

    xo and have a lovely day!!


  3. Hi Polly...I have been "lurking" for a while now...your blog is so romantic. Beautiful pictures and posts....I just had to say Hi.

  4. Hi Polly,

    How wonderful that you are able to be there to help, though I am sure it will be good to be back home :)


  5. Whew what a huge house for no money! I know how big that is because we know someone with a house that big. No roses on the dishes? Horrors LOL!!!

  6. Hi Polly! I know just what you mean- I think I would much rather have a smaller, cosier house than one that big! Your gorgeous house would suit me perfectly (with all your rose-patterned dishes of course)lol!!!Have a lovely weekend! xx

  7. It's always good to come home! Have fun with the fabric tomorrow!!


  8. I know this is going to sound silly, but everytime I hear about a house that big all I can think of is what a chore it must be to keep clean, besides roses are a must! I would give up a couple thousand square feet easily in order to have time to fill my house with roses:>)

  9. Polly,
    My favorite Jane Austen book so far is Pride and Prejudice. You will love all her stories. Let me know what you think! BTW I love your roses dishes! Gorgeous!


  10. The has to be dishes with roses all lined up in neat little rows in the cupboards...what a shame...

    I have an old farmhouse circa 1870


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