Is Today Monday?

Hodge podge and miscellaneous but no minutia - that's how it's going to go today, I can tell already. You know, one of those days where you run around like a mad person but accomplish very little. So I figure I might as well roll with it. Here lie the inner workings of my cluttered thoughts today... (That's my new kitchen cherub. He's made out of paper mache and has a rather large mashed in crack on his right side, but he was only 25cents so I figure it was still a deal!)

This is the state that I found the loveseat in upon returning home. Apparently the dogs have really taken to it. Fortunately, I bought loads of that fabric so I can have the seat recovered (someday).

Aren't these the cutest sandals?! I just fell in love with them - so much so that I ordered a pair in blue denim and a pair in brown denim which made perfect sense when I ordered them BACK IN JULY! They arrived yesterday. Guess what the temperature was this morning... 39 degrees. Well, I guess I'll have 2 great pairs of sandals next Spring, right?!

I was so honored yesterday to be asked to participate in the Art Scene! It's an all day affair in which I will have the ability to showcase some of my handbags. However, it falls on the weekend that my husband has reserved a B&B for our anniversary AND it's only a few weeks away. I just don't think I have the time to make all the handbags that I would need for the show. Unless of course I lived and breathed fabric and ribbon!

Lest this post should give the impression of a day gone awry, I have to point out some lovely! These next photos are all Anna Marie's. Yummy, lovely, oolala love it!! I don't know why I haven 't heard of this fabric designer before, but Anna Marie Horner has got some fabulous new fabrics!! I checked and there is some listed on ebay too.

She has a free pattern to make these darling holiday cards! Take a look at her studio while you're over there! You'll need napkins for the drool.

Without wasting a moment, you must go right over and pay a visit to her blog!!


  1. What a beautiful chair! I'm sorry your dogs like it so much. I'm having a ball reading your blog!

  2. Polly I love your things. And the sandals are too cute. And don't be surprised if a bit of Indian Summer pops up later. Maybe you could wear them then??


  3. Polly,
    I just stopped by to tell you thank you for stopping by my tea party. Hope you enjoy the recipes. Stop by again. I loved reading your blog! Take care.

    Karen Sweet Necessi-Teas

  4. Polly, you make me smile. I am sure you will have time to wear the sandals this year, it must warm up before the end of fall, don't you think? Bummer about the loveseat! Good thing you have extra fabric! By the way, it is wednesday;.) LOL, I've had days like that too!

  5. Love the cherub....all the more for his imperfections. The sandals are way cute! I am so sorry to hear about the loveseat.

  6. Some of the cutest shoes ever...and that sad about the doggy

    pop over and see the post before my features you and new friends I'va made lately

  7. I just LOVE your blog!!! And the sandals So cute!!

  8. Ahhhhh, your poor loveseat! Love your angel. It doesn't matter that it is imperfect, it is still adorable. Great sandals, too! xo, Becky

  9. Hi Polly,

    I can't believe it was 39 degrees there! It's still in the 90s in sunny Southern CA. Perhaps it will get warmer for a bout and give you at least one quick shot at those cute sandals!


  10. Oh isn't it a shame you won't have time to showcase your things, because you are sooo talented!! I love the sandals (lucky you to have 2 pairs), and of course the loveseat-my cats always rip my upholstery to bits too!!!) But my favourite thing is the cherub, it reminds me of my table!!
    I'm so glad you're enjoying the tea-do you add milk the way I do?
    Have a great week, and by the way, I know how you feel about feeling rushed off your feet-I'm still catching up on last week!!xx

  11. thank you for the visit to my blog...i could not find your email to respond...i love the dress card pattern...i will use it for mail art i owe...blessings, rebecca

  12. I love your cherub faults and all! :) Your loveseat looks beautiful even with the "wound" ;) and CONGRATS on being asked to participate in the ART SCENE!! Your handbags are to DIE FOR!! I want one as soon as I can.


  13. Polly, I love the sandals! Congrats on being asked to participate in Art Show. It's nice to be loved.


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