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I'm having so much fun accessorizing my sewing room! And now that it's almost done, I'm starting to think toward the next project room. But today I must work on the all the homemakerly things that I've been neglecting.
I got a pretty good night of sleep and felt ready to start tackling the dirt! I've gathered the trash from the various places the kids always stash the trash. I didn't find too many dirty socks this time so I was feeling almost caught up already! I've done all the dishes. I made my bed and picked up the air mattress from the sleepover that the kids had last night (no extra kids this time, they just like to call it a sleepover and sleep in a different room). I cleared the counters and nagged my son enough times to take the dogs out that I may as well have done it myself. I dished out the breakfast and then the morning snack. I started laundry and sighed in frustration as I realized that there were several loads to be folded on the laundry room table. So... I left them there and moved on to things I could accomplish more quickly.

I started clearing away a stack of books and magazines when I came across Heloise's Housekeeping Hints. So, of course, I had to stop the housekeeping and read some hints... Here's a helpful quote: Salt Away That Smell...Did you know that if you add a teaspoon of salt to the warm water when sprinkling clothes they won't smell of mildew when the ironing is not done on time? Perhaps I shall not complain about my abbreviated effort at doing laundry ever again. Perhaps if I had to iron that whole table full of clothes I would not have left them there to begin with. But perhaps if I add salt to the washing detergent, I could leave the clothes in the washer a bit longer... =)

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