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Ebay is running a special today - no listing fees for any items under $9.99 so me thinks today I shall have a sale!! I was browsing ebay last night and thought you might enjoy a few things I found... Isn't this just a lovely display?! Shabbyforme has some beautiful items!

This chippy old swing arm towel rack is just too darling! LOVE the color combination!

La Prima Rosa's bedroom is so sweet you'll want buy up everything in it!

I have a thing about cardinals! In the days of my divorce, I often had to spend time at mediators offices or in court. Of course, it was un-nerving to say the least. Oddly, there was always a cardinal outside the window or swooping past as I went in the door. It was my reminder that I was in God's hands and that He was taking care of me. This set of blessing reminders sold last night but ShabbytownUSA has plenty of goodies!
Look at her precious garden statute in the red bikini!!

A Bit of Paris 2U - Her pictures are to drool over. Really, really artistic and just fun to go through page after page of her listings.

And now I'm going to go work on my own listings. Blessings to you today...


  1. Love the last photo-what a gorgeous combination of treasures!

  2. Loved the aqua header! I love finding vintage headers to mosaic. I have a couple in my studio just waiting for me....:-)

  3. You have listed several of my favorite sellers! How funny!

  4. I love ShabbytownUSA, I've bought many a thing from her. I'll have to check out the others.



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