Singin' In The Rain

Yes, I really own all those umbrellas! And since it's raining again, I'm going to get to enjoy them today! One for each of the kids... no wait, they'll poke each other's eyes out... or play swords... or... well, maybe the kids can use a book.

I've always thought that the perfect reading environment was a rainy day. Cold and rainy - perfect for a soft blanket and a good book.
I finished up two books over the last couple of weeks. Sandcastles is the story of an artist couple (John & Honor) and their daughters - both the strength and fragility of family. Honor has to hold the family together, living in a cottage at a convent, after John is arrested for murder. Each of the daughters deals with his absence differently. But the story doesn't really begin until John is released... (available through amazon for just pennies)

I picked up Lost Through A Cottage Window a couple weeks ago. The story of a young women, found at the bottom of a cliff - at the ocean's edge. She's beaten and has no memory but is taken in by the members of a little cottage town and nursed back to health. As she begins to remember, the hurts turn from outward to inward. Gorgeously described. Just a sweet read. (Mary Caroll is a local author here in town. This book is available at The Country Cottage. And you can get an autographed copy too)
May you sing like Mary Poppins today...
Some of my favorite lyrics...
Lovely are Your dwelling places
Thirsty, I come after You
Jesus my joy, my reward, Your love's restoring my soul
Now I'm Yours and You are mine
and from my heart a song will rise (Dwelling Places)


  1. I have loads of umbrellas too and guess what it's still raining here too! Just the right sort of weather to curl up with a book, and reading your post has put me in a reading mood!! Hope you are having a fun weekend despite the rain!

  2. Polly, I am an umbrella fan too! And you are soooo right. The best time to read is either when it is raining or snowing. I love to curl up in front of the fireplace with a cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa and read.


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"Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting."
-- Author Unknown

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