Mud Pies

Billboard size thanks to each of you for your kindness this weekend! The muddied waters of "siblings" runs deep, doesn't it?! In our childhood years, nobody knows us better. In our teen years, we're either best friends or worst enemies. In our college years, we're quick to point out the similarities between our siblings and our parents. In our parenting years we see the similarities between ourselves and our parents. It's a relationship that never ends... no matter what... even death. We are always related. Is there any wonder why the Bible tells us that Jesus is a friend that's closer than a brother?!

This is school week around here. All the little angels are heading back to school. Side by side they go, lunch pails in hand, backpacks stuffed to overflowing, new shoes, new haircuts... anxious to see their friends, nerveous to meet their teacher... Brothers & Sisters... off they go... (Oh yes, isn't that the most delicious cherub painting!!! It's 45" wide! I WANT it! Clickty click over to ebay and have a see.)

So when life gives us mud pies, make a cake! In fact, make lots of cakes. Decorate them with pink roses and put them on pretty plates (that sweet cake server is also on ebay). Even sibling mud pies that land right in your hair are part of the troubles of life that help us learn to play well with others.
I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears (2 Kings 20:5)


  1. Ooh you keep tempting me showing me all those lovely Ebay items... we don't head back to school for another 2 weeks over here! How many weeks off do children get for summer in the States? We have 6 and they fly by...

  2. Hi Sophie. The kids here are typically off school from the 1st week of June until the last week of August. It just went too fast for me this year! (Sorry about the ebay items. I'm such an addict!) -Polly

  3. Polly -

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. I'm sure you would love Mount Hood, Timberline Lodge and the area all around it. Come visit sometime!


  4. LOVE the cherub painting! I want it too - and it would not even begin to fit into my decorating style - lol.....


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