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Let me start the day with a huge THANK YOU for all the responses I received yesterday! It's so exciting to hear about your lives and what's in your heart and what you enjoy. I'll be busy this weekend getting fabric packages ready - How wonderful! I wonder though, am I contributing to other peoples' hoarding problems? =) Well, I can tell you that my husband is just glad that we'll have the dinning room back again! There were quite a lot of requests but I want to get packages to each of you so please bear with me.

One of the emails that I received yesterday was signed, "All's grace..." in the place of "sincerely" or "very truly yours". I did a double-take and pondered it for a bit. What a beautiful reminder to have passed along to me! Sometimes the "closing" on a letter is signifcant to us... When my husband and I were dating and lived 2 hours apart, our emails were so dear. He always signed, "Yours, Stephen". And that one word - yours - melted me, gave me assurance, committed me to him all the more. My daughter just came in the kitchen and said, "I have lots of bff's" (she's 6 so she definitely doesn't text anyone yet but she knows the closing. And isn't important to feel that you have a bff?!). Many years ago my sister moved out of state and it was the first time that we'd been separated. My heart nearly broke to pieces. I still have the first cards she sent me hanging on my 'fridge. Every phone call was a treasure and even now we always say "I love you" before hanging up.

So this phrase, "All's grace" was on my mind all day yesterday. Grace in the privlege of having a family, grace in the gift of working from home, grace in the sometimes humbling experience of homeschool... And even giving grace when my children have misbehaved or when I've been hurt by another adult... As I reflected on it into the evening, I realized that EVERYTHING could fall into that category in some fashion. It's a matter of being thankful, I think. Blessings that we don't deserve. So, truly, All is grace.


  1. How lovely that you had so many responses to your post! And isn't it great to know your fabrics will go to good homes!! Loved that little glimpse of your home by the way! xx

  2. Your blog always inspires me!

    Today, I was counting my blessings. And seeing they loom large and full was so very assuring and joyful and then I read your post. And realized what a blessing that post script was because as you say, All is Grace. Thanks for sharing,

  3. What a wonderful post! I turly wish I could take the time to actually sit and write letters to "post". It seems today that life is soo busy, email and texting is the easiest way. But, I do have a wonderful friend that sends long letters every 4 months or so, through the mail. What a pleasure it is to receive her letters....

  4. Melissa, Thank you for such kind words! Stop by sometime and tell me about your blessings. -Polly (

  5. All is Grace.............what a lovely reminder. I will be pondering that one for a while too. Thanks for the great post!

  6. I just read your comments about my blog. You are such a sweatheart! I am still learning how to do this blog thing and I am not much of a photographer. I would love to make my blog fancier like yours and so many others that I admire. I love the Artful Blog magazine that just came out. Gorgeous! You are so sweet to offer the tole trays. I really am trying to whittle my collection down a bit right now I have so many, ugh! I love what you are doing with your craft room by the way. I am going to try to get my sewing/guest room cleaned up a bit next week and will post some pictures on my blog for you to see. I think only 5 people have actually read my blog and 3 of them are my friends and family. ha ha Keep checking in and I will definitely do the same.
    best wishes,



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"Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting."
-- Author Unknown

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