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I visited some old friends at a sweet store that I used to rent space at. The Country Cottage is set in an old blacksmith's shop and it is LOADED. A lot of it I noticed seemed more primitive than when I was there but there are goodies tucked into every nook and cranny. I always find wonderful needless necessities! I used the cell phone camera so, again, sorry about the quality but I just had to share them.

This little section of 50's retro stuff is one of my favorites!

Odd, isn't it, that I love Roses, Old World style decorating AND I'm still so drawn to the retro Cath Kidston red, blue, yellow scheme?! Wouldn't it be fun to decorate one room in each style? Hmmm... there's something to look forward to this Winter.

This is such a sweet spot in the store - filled with hankies and chippy perfect items.

Just behind the birdhouse is a sign that reads, "Inspire". I love to visit these wonderfully talented ladies because that's what they are, inspiring!

That sign directs visitors to the Cottage Patio out back where there are loads of vintage garden items to drool over!

They have an artistic way of blending primitive items with shabby chic style items.

Like this old ice cream chair...Oh, how I love ice cream chairs! I have one in the sewing room that I was fortunate to thrift last Summer at one of the historic neighborhood sales around here.

It must go back to the years of babyHood when we only sold baby items, because I always fall for little girl items. Even though my little girl is a little tomboy (just like I was).

What a cute idea... but I think I would have heaped it with fluffy, rosy pillows. One time when I was at this store, I sold some pink metal lawn chairs - they were so darling as a display, I almost wish I still had them.

Love vintage ladies hats! In fact, I just took some over to the store (La Di Da) this week.

Moon Shoes! My son wanted these so badly but I reminded him that he was getting a bike ramp. Hmmm... the moon shoes may have been safer (or is it more safe?)...

I'm working on some new ebay listings for tomorrow so I'd better stop blogging around and get working...
Blessings this weekend...

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