Lovliness to Drool Over

I have somehow stumbled upon some wonderfully beautiful sites. I can't contain myself! I just HAD to share...
Oh my, my, my, my and yet another oh my!! You MUST go visit Chez Fifi! Your heart will just ache at all the lovliness.

And, of course, Fifi includes some brief notes about another one of my favs, Magnolia Pearl. (photo by Steven Randazzo) Definitely take time to check out that site too as you will simply drool! As you can see, Magnolia Pearl has made it to my inspiration journal =) Hmm... perhaps I should show you that sometime soon. Lovliness & Dwelling Places combined should always be shared.

A Cottage Industry posted recently about a book she ordered & it's all about aprons! I may have to take a walk over to the website and order one...

And if you have not yet joined the Anthropologie mailing list, make that's inspiration priority number 1!

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  1. Great links today, thanks for sharing. Chez Fifi is one of my favorites, and Notes for A Cottage Industry is a new one to explore! And I never thought I would say "hope I win the lottery so I can get one of those backpacks" haha... odd words those are, eh? ;)


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