Inspiration vs Motivation

I've been taking my time strolling through some old copies of Victoria Magazine. I had forgotten how much I love Bountiful! If you haven't been to their site lately, hippty hop and go take a lookylu!

Here's another one that has all our favorites and some extra pink to boot!
The Faded Rose was in
Country Living Magazine recently.

Oh, yes and speaking of that, how fun for my friend Joellen that she got to meet one of the editors from Country Living, right in her own hometown, right at her own antiques shop, Town Peddler!!

Sometimes I'm not sure which of the cottage, flea market styles I like more! I think I live best with more Old World style like the armoire from Bountiful above. But my eye is always drawn to reds and pinks.

I'm having such a difficult time (but delightful nonetheless!) deciding on which styles to use in which rooms. My dinning room will be stunning in the Old World just as soon as I can get the curtains made and the walls done (no big deal, right?! lol). But the sewing room is first! I decided that I don't love my guests as much as I love having my own sewing room =) No, it's just that we don't have a lot of guests staying with us at this phase in our lives and I REALLY need more room for sewing. Then there's the issue of my pink kitchen! It's only partially pink right now b/c I really want to get the cabinets painted (white, I think) but the kitchen never has down time so I'm hesitant to tear it all apart! Oh, I need less inspiration and more motivation!!


  1. There are SOOOOO many wonderful photos here that I can't begin to decide where to leave my comment so I just grabbed this spot! I LOVE your blog, your style. I will be back and I'm adding you to my 'Kindred Spirits' link on my own blog. Thanks for the peek into your (appears predominantly pink) life!

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