A Farmhouse Full

The kids were so thrilled to play in the rain last evening... They had barely gotten their piggies wet when the sun popped through and it was back to steamy hot within seconds. We're so thankful to have central air and a swimming pool! Our house is filled to overflowing right now. At one point there were 17 children and 5 adults running from indoors to outside to back indoors. Between my own children, my sister's 5, the 3 my parents adopted and most of the neighbor kids, we are busy! We're all trying to pack for our trip but we haven't gotten too far what with all the kids and the spurts of rain! Either someone is hungry, someone is crying, someone spilled, or us girls are just too busy catching up to care about packing =)

13) Air conditioning!
14) A house full of children
15) Moms
16) This old farmhouse
17) The anticipation of vacation
18) Dog-sitting neighbors
What's this list about?

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