Doll House

I was woke up this morning with a call from my mom saying that there was a yard sale that I just had to get over to. It was on one of my favorite streets (Paris) and in one of my favorite historic neighborhoods. So off I went... (again with fuzzy hair) As I got near, I saw a sign that read "The Doll House" and an arrow pointing off toward the right. As it turns out, one of the local stores that sells dolls has closed down and the owner was having a yard sale. I squealed with delight and ran right across the street, straight to the chippy white hoosier cabinet! I've always wanted one but never found one that I could afford. She told me that it was one of her displays.

She had tables full of gorgeous dolls that my daughter would never play with but I was still tempted to buy; Blankets spread across the lawn piled high with new Gund stuffed animals; Porch railings decorated with wicker baskets in every color; Vintage ladies hats stacked one on top of another; Old rosy china bowls to hold little doll shoes... Oh, it was just delightful to behold! What a glorious way to wake up on a Saturday morning!

On a separate note... We're getting ready to go on our biggest buying trip of the year! I'm so excited! We shop every vintage nook and cranny as we head north until we're too exhausted to move, then we spend a few days on the beach recovering. We've rented a trailer and I plan to fill it with great stuff!! We're heading out later this week and since we'll be doing so much shopping, I made some vintage chic totes to hold the smaller treasures. I even made a few extra to offer on ebay if you would like one.

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