Ok, I'm determined! Today I am GOING to get something done in the soon to be sewing room!!! And if I'm going to devote time to my new room, I'm so sad to say that I'll have to abreviate all my other "fun" things today. So here's a quick little blog with some fun little pics... I'm still working my way through all the linens and pretties from our trip. I'm really picky -everything HAS to be laundered. I don't like to get the sniffles when I'm working with them later on or getting ready to put on ebay. I love this pic of the my daughter's chalk basket. My poor "chair bench" had to visit the dumpster last weekend =(

My collection of old enamel pans sold a while back (don't tell anyone, but I kept some of the pink).

And then there's there's the old farm stairs leading to my dungeon laundry room...

It's really not that horrible but it's just creepy enough that the kids always hesitate before heading down the stairs...

But today, I'm working UPSTAIRS. I must go take the "before" photos so I can show all of you.

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