Season of Change 6/2/07

Have you ever felt that a season of change was creeping up on you? Or perhaps hoped that one would be? Mostly, I dread them. But not this time. I feel certain, as certain as I've ever been about a feeling, that this Summer is going to be a season of change at our household. I'm expecting miracles. Some of it I am purposefully setting into motion (only beautiful reading materials in my "to-do" box - a book per week; taking pictures with the new camera that I don't know how to use; spending more time in the pool with the kids and less time yelling, "stop splashing me"; finally buying and not killing a hydrangea bush...) But, in large part, these miracles are truly of Biblical proportions - out of my control - no way I could make it happen no matter how many times I use puppydog eyes, cry or beg! Oh how I hate not being in control!

As I wait on the Lord, I intend to surround myself with beauty and joy (both the laughing kind and the peaceful kind). I intend to hit as many yard sales, flea markets, and curbside freebies as I can afford. I intend to hug and kiss and dote on my children more than ever before. I intend to stay up late giggling with my husband whispering the daily quotes authored by our children. I intend to read books, sew only pretty things that I'd keep if I didn't have to sell them. I intend to pray real prayers, not the churchy kind. I intend to re-define "Lady In Waiting"!

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