Magnolia Pearl Giveaway!

 Yes, two complete outfits!

photo via
And while you're there, go look at my dream houses.
Three of them.
When will a chance like this come up again?!
Whomever you are, person lucky enough to buy Robin & John's ranch, please know that I will forever be jealous of you and maybe even a little mad at you for living in my wonderland.  So if we pass cross paths someday at some glorious market, just know that I will be shooting darts of envy at your back! a Wish-I-Was-You, loving kind of way - of course.


  1. Oh- Don't you LOVE Magnolia Pearl? That place is amazing and the clothing line is just delightful! xo Diana

  2. Oh yes...I love looking at her clothing line, beautiful! Di@ottage-wishes

  3. Thank you so much for sharing my post!


  4. What a wonderful place...dreamy for the clothes too.. very sweet with love Janice

  5. Posted the grab button on my blogs side bar...

  6. Oh I totally Feel ya on that one *Winks*... Anne did a superb job of presenting the MP Ranch and the Give-Away with her Amazing Photography! I want to win one of the Ensembles and the Lottery so I can buy the Ranch! *LOL* Hey... if you're gonna Dream, Dream Big I always say! And then would all be able to have Retreats there for Creative Sabatticals!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. How could she bare to leave such a beautiful home? Expect she has somewhere equally stunning lined up, to weave her magic over though...
    Lets just hope whoever takes it on, doesn't change it too much...
    N x


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