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 Before we throw ourselves back into the routine of school, I thought I'd share a few of the creative moments that we've had around the Blessing Farmhouse this Summer - just in case you were wondering if we have done ANYthing besides  barn sales and flea markets (since that's all I seem to post about lately)...

 We've had paper garlands coming out of our ears!

 I think we have paper in one state or another on every surface.


 And the kids have had creative moments of their own.
(please pardon the blurry pics - most of the pictures of the kids are taken with my phone, on the fly)

One son has spent every breathing moment working on his great love!   He practices with the team four days a week for 2 hours.  My mom-instinct says, "That's too much!  He's just 8".  But he loves every second of it and daddy is right there beside him, coaching.

He definitely considers "juking" an art form!

 I caught our middle son playing his new acoustic guitar on the park bench while Mr. Blessing and I were busy selling at the French Country Market.

 Although I don't care for it, he sees beauty in creating ramps and jumps and painting his "art" all over them!

No broken bones despite all the ramps - whew!

He surprised us one weekend by asking if his grandpa could baptism him in the pool.
(My dad is pastor and has church each week a different nursing homes around town)

Our oldest boy worked hard on re-building a motorcycle, taking many Saturdays to get his M-class license and managing his work schedule.  He stopped over last night as he was taking his first official ride after waiting all Summer. 

He might look a little aloof here but we've been through a lot this Summer.  He's grown, matured and I'm so proud of him!

Our daughter expresses art in everything that she does.  She spent weeks planning for her yard sale.  She made signs and created soda pop snow cones with her neighbor friend.   She went to camp each day for three weeks at one of  the local churches and created art and music and fun everyday.  She cried when the last day came.

And the big event for her was finally being able to get her ears pierced!  Now it's all about expressing her uniqueness with earrings.  =)

Each of them an artist in their own way.

Even though I'm not linking up to the French Inspiration party today, come on over to French Cupboard and check out all the loveliness


  1. Goodness...this post took me back. My son (who is 38) loved all those things as a boy...still does. He survived pee wee football, half pipes, and driver's test. I on the other hand have the grey hair to prove it all!
    Your children are just precious and how blessed are you to witness your son't baptism by your father.

  2. Trash talk was right on. My boys are all grown and when they were young I thought each day would last forever boy was I wrong. But I survived and they thrived. The last two start back to college tomorrow and my twenty six year old is talking about sticking to a budget.
    Proud mom,

  3. Looks like you've had a fun and full summer! You have great kids, love how they are all so different in thier passions. Loved seeing your son baptised in the pool by grandad. Can't get much better!!!
    xoxo Debra

  4. Great summer...and what a blessing having your boy baptized...and so glad your oldest is doing well.

  5. Hi Polly, What a delight to see your family. And like the others said, having raised boys we went through football and every other rough sport and Bobby G. built this huge ramp in our backyard for their skateboarding. We had the neighborhood boys get written permission to use it and the noise....unbelievable. Oh yeah, then driving....ack! But we and they survived it all. Always good to visit here Polly. xoxo

  6. A picture of a happy christian family.
    Glad to know that your dad is a Pastor. My grandpa is a retires pastor too.

    Cassy from Electric Bass Guitar


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