Texas Shows & Chicken Pox

It's almost time for Marburger!
And yes the kids woke up today with chicken pox!

But they should be fine by the time we leave in a month.
According to the doctor it's a "modified" case because they both had the chicken pox vaccination.

A Month! I'm so excited for this years trip to Round Top/Warrenton and Marburger Farms!
Of course I can't wait for all the junk gorgeousness! It's like junk heaven.

But this year Mr. Blessing and I will be sharing a house with some friends!
We are especially excited to have some time to spend with them.

And you KNOW how I feel about getting to the Magnolia Pearl tent!
We are in the most fun business! And this is the best business trip ever!
Now we just have to pray for a fast and furious case of chicken pox.


  1. No way!!Chicken Pox? Poor babies ... poor mama ... I hope the Dr is right and it's not too bad

    I can't believe this trip is right around the corner ... I'm starting to walk around in circles, not being able to think straight ... that's what happens when I'm OVER excited!!

    Can't wait to meet new people, see Texas, shop and sit on the front porch eating pie till I fall asleep!!


  2. So sorry to hear of the chicken pox. I hope they recover quickly. Carla

  3. So sorry about the chicken pox...but PLEASE be very careful that they are over them completely before you venture out around all those people ..as they may still be sustible to other viruses. And I am thinking it is going to still be VERY HOT too !!!

    WE too are counting the days until Round Top...we only live about 2 hours away and can drive there and back all in the same day..but BOY am I ever tired afterwards.
    We only can get to about 2 MAIN places...sometimes we come back a couple days later.
    Marburger is our favorite !!

  4. What fun you have in store for you! Hope the pox moves on faster than expected!

  5. Uh oh...something tells me I should know about this...and be there! I'm not so I'll learn all about it from your blog and maybe next year. Can't wait to see what you find and hope your little ones feel better soon.

  6. Hope you get better very soon. Chicken pox is no fun in this heat.

  7. So hope your kiddos are better soon. Not good. I am really excited you and Jill and all the others are coming to my blog party. We will have a great time, no doubt! Looking forward to it, T

  8. Wow, chicken pox? I would die if my 3 got them. Miserable. I am really hoping to make it to Marberger this fall, now that I'm blogging I want to meet so many people like you!


  9. Oh chicken poxs are the worst! I hope your kids get better soon. Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip to Texas and that you find some great treasures :)

  10. ~*~So sorry to hear your kiddos have the pox!! :( You are so lucky to be going to that antique show~ LOVE the chippy white clock in your pic btw!!Blessings~*~Rachel

  11. Chicken pox is no fun. I hope the kids get over it really fast. Those photos of all the fabulous vintage stuff is great!!! I liked the one with the sheer white gauzy curtain with the mirrors peaking out in the middle!! Have a great day. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  12. Oh dear, the chicken pox. My two kiddos haven't gotten them....yet!
    My brother and I had them at the same time too. I think I was 5 and he was 6. Poor dears...they need some extra pampering now, maybe ice cream!

  13. Chicken pox - my 2 yo grandson that I look after 2 days a week has them too!! Fancy that from one side of the world to the other - we share chicken pox. His is a mild case too for the same reason. So I have him 5 days a week now as he can't go to creche.

  14. OH NO! Have you had the chicken pox already..I hope! I'm going to Round Top too, we'll have a convoy heading down from Fort Worth, where are you driving from? I found a house in Brenham because someone else canceled, yea. We'll be there Sept 28-Oct 1, I just can't wait. They're already I wish I could go earlier!!! I can't wait to see the MP tent!! I've been saving up. How are the prices at MP for the show? I usually just call the shop and order from John. Are the prices higher at the show?? Good luck with the CP. Hope to see you there, I'll be the one in a pink cowboy hat. OOhhhhh are you going to the prom???-cindy


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