Pushing Buttons (on the camera)

The kids are back to school! Of course, for a homeschool mom that news is not nearly as exciting as it might be for "regular" school moms. I'm still on the fence, really. I like having some structure to our day and that the kids are more contained but, of course, I don't care for sitting in a classroom any more than they do. It's a balancing act - making school enjoyable for them and still being able to get my work done. Schooling at home changes everything about our day but we do it because it changes everything about our kids too. It's a different way of living.
That said, I think I'm mourning the end of carefree Summer days, just a little bit. So I consoled myself on Sunday afternoon with some photography playtime. Just walking around the house and experimenting with various settings...

I love this one of a rusty hinge.

Rusty seems to be a theme with me.

Roller skates and tutus (I have no idea why they're in the dinning room)

Our bazillion pound resting lady (she nearly got us arrested in the airport when we were trying to bring her back from vacation a few years back).

I was really going for a more "crisp" clothes pin but the sun was setting quickly so I didn't have much time to play.

I love that moment... the one that hangs somewhere between sunshine and sunset.
...Like the evening between Summer and the first day of school.

I love to play with my camera and I try to learn more every chance I get. When I need help, I visit Ree at Pioneer Woman. She has a whole bunch of realistic and helpful photography tips. Go once and you'll be back visiting her blog often. But I'll warn you, the day will slip by as you go from one post to another... from cameras to cooking and all sorts of farm escapades. It's a whole different world over there. They are, afterall, a homeschool family.


  1. so glad to read about someone elses' homeschool life :).I am 1 week into our first yr. {kindergarten} & I WANT to do this,I'm excited about starting up again today {Monday} but last week didn't go very well :)!
    Blessings to you!

  2. Great pictures!
    And wanted to say I really admire you and all the other mom's out there that homeschool. :)
    Hope you have a great week!

  3. Wonderful photos ~ thank you for the link ~ my photos need help! I too wanted to say that I admire all you home schoolin' Moms. I don't know how you do it!!

  4. beautifuk post. We're back to school this week...homeschool, that is:) You put it great!

  5. What wonderful photos.
    I don't know how you manage to homeschool and fit everything else into your life as well. Congratulations on doing what you feel is best for your kids. It takes courage to take that first step.

  6. Polly ~
    I always felt that way too with school ~ My girls were homeschooled when they were in High School so there was not as much of my time with them involved ~
    I did love the structure of the day though !

    Your pictures are beautiful !


  7. What beautiful photos. Each one from a different perspective. I can totally relate to your homeschool thoughts. I have homeschooled my 9 year old daughter and 7 year old son since Kindergarden. Today is our first day of "school" too, so now it is a jolt back to reality. I'm sad Summer is ending, but the bright side of the coin is that Fall, my favorite season is right around the corner.

  8. It's hard to believe it is "back to school" time! I remember those days oh so well when my kids were little. It was exciting for all the new beginnings. You always have the best photos! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Take care, Sue

  9. Back to school at home. Good for you. I'm loving that you played with your camera. I need to get out and do that more. Ree. Gotta love her, don't ya? Happy First Day back to School! ~Mindy

  10. ~*~Kudos to you for homeschooling your kiddos! I wish I had the patience lol. Your photos look beautiful~*~*Blessings, Rachel

  11. It is indeed a balance! And a lifestyle I would not trade for anything! Thanks for the perspective...happy back to school days!

  12. my vintage hat is off to you ...
    I home schooled for a short one year season

    ...no regrets


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