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Rosette Party

I think I could live happily surrounded by tattered lace and rosettes. Which is why I'm so delighted that we're having a Rosette Party over at French Cupboard! I'm excited to see what everyone else does with their rosettes.

Over the last couple weeks, it seems like all my creative dreams have had a rosette in them somewhere.
I love adding them to my Magnolia Pearl bag!
Of course, her things are perfect all by themselves but I love the tea-dyed taffeta with this huge backpack.

Even worn simply, they can transform.

How are you using your rosettes? Come on over and show us!


  1. Dang girl.... your rosettes, heck your blog is adorable!! I've got you bookmarked :-)

  2. They are all just so yummy. Love the texture and colors!

  3. How can you NOT love them??!! Gorgeous!

  4. I saw your beautiful flowers at French Cupboard. Everything you do is wonderful!

  5. ...Polly ~ you're taffeta roses are to die for!!! I have two and... I need MORE!!!!! (teehee)
    Thank you for puttin` on this rosette blogging party :)
    xo, Rosemary

  6. Loving your roses today! They are just beautiful!

  7. Love the tattered lace rosette. I'm soooo jealous over that Magnolia Pearl Bag; your rosette makes it look even better. I actully have had rosettes on the brain too. Mostly dreaming about designing 6 boutoniers for my daughter's wedding in August. Please stop by in the near future to see! :)
    Blessings, Gerri

  8. I love the Show off your Rosettes. Everyone is so creative. Beautiful wristlett Polly!

  9. Your rosettes are beautious! Gotta love Magnolia Pearl, your addition makes it even yummier

  10. Really fun idea having a "Rosette Party".. I wanted to link up but, having Camera issues.. So, I will maybe connect for the next party. Really love your blog and all the "Eye Candy".. Your Rosettes are simply Gorgeous!

  11. I just Knew your wonderful White Flower with a hint of tea stain was adorning "A Magnolia Pearl" Find!*!*! Just GoRgEouS!!! Jeanine, ChiPPY!-SHaBBy!

  12. my favorite little pink tank top had a tear in the neck line, so I added some shabby roses I made out of linen and walla!

    Anne Marie

  13. Your rosettes are gorgeous! I especially like the tea stained taffeta rose.

    Thank you for sharing,


  14. Your blog is good for the soul.Such beauty you share.
    Fooey,,,I missed the party!
    Oh, but isnt your banner yummie!

  15. I love your Rosettes and recently saw some of your work in 'Porch' Magazine when I got my first order of issues the other day... what eye candy and such an abundance of creative talent!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  16. Morning Polly,

    I love your rosettes, they are like visual poetry :)


  17. I love all your projects, you have such an eye for the perfect combination of pretty things. I found you on the Rosette Party.

  18. Love the roses, but everything led me here with promise of 'how to'...unless I am missing something, I see no 'how to' link anywhere....?

  19. Hi Cami. The blog youre looking for is blessings... Polly


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