White Wednesday

Do you remember when we used to refer to our non-virtual life as our "real" life and our non-blog friends as our "real" friends?
The key to not becoming a blogging vegetable is to maintain a non-virtual schedule. I guess. *smiles* I'm the first to admit that I can easily lose my day to blogland. I do think there's good reasons maintain a non-virtual schedule. If you have a family, it's so much more important to cultivate the garden that is your children than it is to blog about your roses... to share passion with your spouse rather than blogging about your passion for the Victorian Era... to create a home, not just inspiring home decor. However, never have I felt that these blog friends are not "real" friends. We do share something special, don't we? It's a different life than what I experience when I walk outside my back door but it's every bit as real. It's been 3 years this week since I began blogging and I have been blessed by you! Thank you for being real!!


  1. So glad you're blogging! I always enjoy your pretty pictures, such inspiration!

  2. I love blogging, I don't see it as any less alienating than being wrapped up in a good book but definitely, family comes first:) Happy 3 year anniversary! Your blog is lovely!

  3. So true! Happy 3rd blogiversary! ::Jill

  4. You are so right, I did have to cut back on the time spent on blogging. There are both good and bad points of blogging and we each have to find the happy medium. I too have found wonderful friends on blogland.

  5. I have just passed my 3 year anniversary and I cannot even imagine a day with a blog or two... Such "real" sweet ladies on the other side of this screen....... We are soooooooooo blessed!

  6. I totally agree ~ I could get lost in blogland and before you know it, an hour (or 2) goes by. I actually set my oven timer so I know when its time to log out. Your blog is always gorgeous, its no wonder time flies by.

  7. Congratulations on three years! I think that is a real achievement! I've only been blogging two months and it already feels like I've made a commitment to a lot of people. But like everything else you've got to find a balance. The thing I like about it is the way it's all up to me if I post or not and everybody is completely accepting of that. At any rate YOU have a beautiful and inspiring blog.Jacqueline

  8. Hi, dear Polly. I went back to the beginning of your blog and read thru the first couple of weeks. You were as inspiring then as you are now. Your photos are always full of depth and layered meaning. You are a real joy to come and visit. My life has changed in this last year since I started blogging. It's a part of "me". Thanks for reminding us of our real commitments. I wrote about something similar in my Bible Study today.

  9. Such a nice post. I'm loving that sign in the background.

    Take care and thanks for playing along.


  10. I just adore your blog. Love your cottage style!

    Wondering if you'd be interested in a link exchange??? Would love it if you'd check out my blog and let me know what you think!



  11. This is only my second WW and I'm sooo hooked! Your photos are just LOVELY! I'll definately be back! AND congrats on your bloggerversary!

  12. Oh so very true! I have met some of the most amazing women through my blog. It is an amazing place. I second your opinion on this post! Have a great week. And loose time in blogland??? It gobbles time doesn't it? WOW! But, makes me so happy. And congratulations on your Bloggerversary!!!!! Charlene

  13. Congrats on 3 years.
    There are so many wonderful people that we have all 'met' through Blogland

  14. you are so right...but I still like reading your posts :)

  15. Blogland has expanded my horizons, and I'm glad for that!

  16. It's amazing how fast time flies. And this blogland of ours is so fascinating. As Macela says above, it does expand our horizons. Thanks for the great post.

    Take care, Sue

  17. Hi Polly,

    You are so right - balance is very important. Enjoyed you rpost.


  18. We do have to be mindful of the time spent blogging, however, I too have come to love my blogging friends as 'real' friends. Glad you are blogging! Carla

  19. What a beautiful post, and it's so true! Yes, it's definitely hard to find that balance between real life and our blog lives. I enjoyed this post, and congrats on 3 years!
    Happy White Wednesday!

  20. Happy Blogiversary :) It will be 3 years for me in August...seems like yesterday. I'm so glad you are here my friend.


  21. Hi Polly;
    You are so right about getting carried away with blogland. I can spend the whole day and night on the computer when my husband is at the fire station, when I should be in my workroom doing something creative.
    The one thing though, whether I have friends found on weblogs or friends here where I live, they are still friends. And you're right, again, we do share something special.
    You have wonderful insight, my friend. I thank you for the reality check.

  22. PS
    Congrats on your 3rd Blogaversary!


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