I must have caught the bug last Fall. It seems that I've fallen under the Marburger spell. My heartstrings are playing lonely woebegone songs. Since I can't be at Marburger, I've been filling my free time (ha!) with faux creating. My friend, Tracie (My Petite Maison), makes the most lovely Marie Antoinette bottles. I've secretly got one on order (shh... don't tell Mr. Blessing). I don't know why I'm so smitten with old bottles lately. Maybe there's a bottle-bug going around too. Today I found a pretty bottle so I thought I'd try that drippy wax thing. It's harder than I thought to drip wax & make it look pretty. Mostly I made a mess and now my old pine floor is wearing a very good "sealer" in a particular corner :)
Oh thank heavens I can still hope for the Fall Marburger show!


  1. Looks just lovely.. And, I bet Marburger is just enchanting! One day perhaps I'll get there!!!!!

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. Very interesting. I'm headed over now to check out the Marie Antionette bottles.

    Have a happy day


  3. Sorry you can't go :(...hope you make it next time around...I know how you love it!

    I have never tried dripping wax...Tracie has certainly made an art form out of it hasn't she?

  4. Oh I love her Marie Bottles, they are Gorgeous and so different. Marburger in the Fall - hoping you can go! And, I think you did a fab job on the dripping of the wax ~ I have tried that before on old wine bottles in my "youth" and they just collected dust, athough they were pretty cool at the time! That must have been the "in" thing in the early 90's, everyone was doing it. Oh to be young again. Hugs Sis, xoxo

  5. Buonasera Polly, just receive my Porch magazine, great ideas and wonderful crafters. Your family (last page) is adorable! Thank you Ciao Rita

  6. Am I the only one who does not know what a "Marburger" is? Where do I check it out? I am having a dahhh moment...sharon

  7. I think your bottle turned out so cute!

  8. Whatever, whoever, or wherever "Marburger" is I'm sure it, he or she is fabulous, LOL!

    I love Tracie's bottles, too! She's very gifted and lucky you! Your secret is safe with me! LOL!

  9. I used to do that with old bottles. Loving it...m.

  10. Oh my! I feel your pain...I didn't get to go to Marburger either. I'm so sad...missing everybody and everything at that enchanted "Show". Just too many things to take care of here at home,maybe in the Fall but not sure of that either...
    PS...Pretty cool bottles,too.

  11. I think your bottle turned out great....good luck with cleaning up the floor though:-)

  12. I can't make it this spring would be painfull. The weather has been crazy here in Texas, by fall it should be splendid. Thats what I keep telling myself as I see the calander days counting down to Marburger. I still have never been, and now I am within driving distance!


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