Petticoats & Cowboy Boots

Women turning adversity into diversity...
The sweeties who welcomed me & my camera with open arms. Ask them about the COOLEST rosebud quote!
Check out the Mission Statement at Virgins, Saints & Sinners
You sure can't tell that it was 95 degrees in the shade, can you?! It didn't hit 90 even once here in Illinois this Summer so I was near melting. But somehow the desire to see MORE pushed me through =) Oh and the 50 degree drop coming back home was just as shocking!! The nest definitely needed some warm blankets.


  1. Polly: weren't these two the sweetest Louisiana Bells around. I too took pics and will post about them!

  2. Great mission statement! Me and Toby Mac both love diversity!
    That little 'Blessed' outfit is adorable. And that tattered dress form with the gun LOL!

  3. Hey...they are fab. I bought my prom petticoats from them. I love the pale green and chocolate ones too. We blogged about them recently.
    ox lulu of 2chippys

  4. Oh my goodness, I seem to be drooling!! UGH!

    What great pictures!! Uh, I'm in Heaven!~

  5. Hi Polly1
    Better late than never - I've been thinking about coming here all day and seeing what you're sharing today!
    Real life getting in my way ;)

    What sweet looking ladies with big, welcoming smiles. Now that's being neighborly y'all!

    I love those tee shirts! Luggage with fringe (what a great idea) and those petticoats are beautiful. I really wish I would have saved my old ballet gear from years ago and those old scratchy slips as well -- who would've known?

    Love the tour - can't wait for tomorrow, maybe I'll be able to get here a little earlier (after the dr appt -- again...).

    I may decorate my old suitcase with some fringe...hmmm...

  6. Just went and read the Mission Statement - just wonderful!

  7. I would totally wear those petticoats! Those are the coooolest!

  8. Oh look at all those goodies!! These pictures are beautiful! I would wear petticoats too...if it weren't so dang hot ;)


  9. Thank you for taking the time to share, the displays are very nice, I like to browse around other peoples things, looks like you had fun even though it was hot. Thanks for coming by my post.

  10. I love all of these pictures, but the pink buggy just melts my heart. I want one!


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