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Late Summer Romance

Tooling along on the way to dinner the other night, we passed an antique mall having a parking lot sale. Since my truck has some sort of unnatural magnetic pull to these places, I was forced to visit the sale. While wandering, some delicate old rolls of lace seduced me into bringing them home and rearranging my entire mantle around them!

I don't know HOW I could be so gullible! They whispered words like fortuitous & necessary. Bated-breath, warm like a late Summer breeze... Seducing me in the parking lot...
They reminded about the pumpkins... Sweet handmade white pumkins... and how the unfurled rolls could befriend the pumpkins... If I'd let them. Wicked Temptresses!


  1. My first impression was, "What? Those pumpkins are handmade?" I looked again and could see that, yes, they are handmade. And ... aren't they super! Love the lace too, there's no way you could have left it behind. I'm sure the pumpkins and lace will live sublimely together.


  2. Lace is a weakness of mine. I have boxes of it and some day I'll find a great way to use it! Those pumpkins are beautiful, are they paper mache? Is there a tutorial?

  3. Beautiful lace.....I would have been tempted too! Love the pumpkins!

  4. Good morning, The pumpkins are wonderful! I'll be at the Coburg show with Martha this Sunday - I hope she brings plenty as they are not going to last! The vintage lace is gorgeous - I love the neutral colors mixed together. Sue

  5. the lace is beautiful!!!
    I have a thing for vintage millinery and lace!
    I wish I was with you.

  6. I LOVE the old lace--so beautiful! You could use that in so many different ways. Couldn't believe the white pumpkins were handmade!! They are incredible :).


  7. Lucky you Polly . . . no such thing as too much lace :)

    Karen xoxo

  8. WOW! Polly those pumpkins are just amazing!
    Love your post today, so beautiful, the lace is just gorgeous on your blog side bars too!

    Take care and have a lovely rest of your week to come.
    Donna Lynn

  9. Polly, Glad to see the pumpkins have found a beautiful place to "nest". The lace is beautiful. Thank you for the kind words and hope your enjoy my pumpkins for years to come! xoxo Martha

  10. Oh, please tell me about these you make and sell them? I HOPE SO...they are lovely.

  11. I need to get some of those magnets. Maybe they will help me find some of the same treasures!

  12. Polly magnets.
    That parking the lace, had Polly magnets in them!

  13. This is my kind of fall decorating. Love the beautiful white pumpkins.

  14. Wow, I can't believe those pumpkins are handmade. They're just beautiful. :)


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