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Trailer Trash

Guess what hubby bought?

Guess what I get to do up in hippydippy fashion?!!

NO, it's not just for play!! A few times a year we have to rent a U-Haul for buying trips so we actually have business intentions - really!

It's not because I'm jealous of Mom's Playhouse!

And it's not cause I've been drooling over Cath Kidston's "home office"! I'm just thinking business here. Junking business mixed with a bit of family business...

My brother does graphic painting on vehicles. (Hmm... that could come in handy!)


  1. Love Mom's playhouse. I have an award for you on my blog today. Come see.

  2. OH POLLY.... I am fun! That is what we need, but we have an ugly ole' utility trailer instead....yours is so much more fun and will be "stylin'" when you are done with it!!

  3. Hello Dear ..yes if your kids were grown(and on their own)--and if you still had all that energy (:) you would get ''alot'' done ~~
    I love the little trailer your mom has ``LUCKY girl she is``
    ~~AND happy shopping --will be so fun for you to headout and search & explore~~
    ..big hugs Patty

  4. Hi Polly,
    How fun to come home with a trailer full of tresures!! Where do you find your treasures, or is that a secret??!! Looking forward to seeing what you will have for sale.Happy 4th. Warmly,Deb

  5. Oh Polly, what possiblities!

    Have fun and of course keep us posted!

  6. OH my goodness, I want a home office like that Cath Kidston! wow, what a perfect idea! lol

    Good luck on your buying trip...xo Heather

  7. oh Polly, how lucky you are,to get a trailer so you can go junkin ! I am jealous now ! :0) :0)
    I was in Marshalls today and I thought of you. They had a set of Pink pots & pans !

  8. Wow Polly, you will be doing a lot of buying now and not just once a year but anytime of the year you fancy. Congrats on the trailer!

    chat soon, Adla

  9. Hi hon...we are just getting ready to SELL our trailer...need the $$$$
    it does come in handy...the couple that wants to buy ours said we could use it hifty!

    Your blog is cozy s usual...and I am sooooooo behind the blogball!!!!

  10. Oh you lucky gal!!! I think my husband would faint if he knew I could go shopping with a trailer LOL. I'd love to have one though!

    Karen at Ciderantiques

  11. so your husbands going to really let you do it up fabulous!? Wow. That is my kinda man.

  12. SWEET!
    I love it
    can't wait to see
    ya using it.

  13. cool we had a 22ft Shasta trailer we went out west in when I was a was like Ricky and Lucys movie comedy..cannot remeber name? Anyway I think I am signed up for flea market friday but cannot find link to get in I posted I signed up?
    Thank you Denise


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