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Not Plain Jane

Passing the time of day ('cause you know I have loads of time to spare), I meandered into Borders and have discovered a gem! I'm pretty thorough in scouting the magazine section and since I haven't seen this one before, I'm dubbing it a newfound joy. Mary Jane's Farm - I don't know what other issues have been like or what the future issues will be like but this one, the Aug/Sept issue, is scrumptious! It includes Raising Jane Knickers, Pillowcase Bloomers, Wrap Around Petticoat... And I'm only half way through the magazine! Don't miss the little button that says swap it up: One gal's junk is another gal's treasure. Swap it up here. Or grab a cup of coffee and sit down to one of our farmgirl auctions ... find your fabulous farm collectibles here!

202) Dancing birds just outside my kitchen window

(What's this list about?)


  1. I picked up a Mary Jane's Farm a while back at a thrift store. It was an apron issue. I really enjoyed it. I love your list. I've been enjoying the hummingbirds right outside the patio door.

  2. Blessed Polly,
    I have missed you so! It is great to be able to read your latest posts, loved the one on blessings!I am back in blogland with a new focus...pop over and see me soon! I am going to have Michelle fix my new blog up soon, for now it is just pretty plain jane, except that is for a beautiful blog header from you of course!!
    Take care,
    Donna Lynn

    P.S. How is your son doing? Mine is healing and getting married in 6weeks time...hoping to return to work in Oct.

  3. That is a neat website! i also have one for you to check out on my blog! Come take a peak!

  4. Hi, I found your blog through another. I am a Maryjane Farmgirl. All her issues are fabulous. She also has some books out that are wonderful, better than her magazine!

  5. Hm. Last time I visited Borders (in my area) they didn't have this magazine (per mgmt). I think I should revisit and demand they carry it! :o)

  6. Hi my name is Nelly, and I really enjoy reading your blog.So much neat things to look at. I want to say thank you for creating free banners for everyone to use! My blog is now all dressed up and pretty:)

  7. Don't you just love her magazine .She has a good web site too . The magazine with the aprons in it are so cute .
    And thanks again for the free banners .

  8. I've never seen that mag! We don't have a Boarders here..I'll see if I can find it at Barnes!
    Looove the background!! How did you add it?! I've been tryin' and can't seem to get it to work.
    Isn't Door County wonderful?!! We will have to visit Fisherman's Haven next summer! ...just got done having a blast in Fish Creek.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. For some reason your e-mail does not work for me, so thought I'd send my note in a comment. I purchased your book last night. No worries! I know it will be great!


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