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Even Paris isn't Perfect

I don't watch the TV show Sex In The City so I'm not sure if this is a clip from that series. I just thought it was cute... and her outfit is DARLING!


  1. Hi Polly! I've never seen the show either, but what a cute clip. The funny part is, that dogs are really allowed in resturants there. Her outfit is so cute...kinda reminds me of a sweet blog I know!

  2. I have never been a TV series person, and I know this show was kinda naughty...cute clip though!

    Have a great 4th and be safe!

  3. Hi Polly,
    Cute clip and of course, I loved the cafe and the dog - now I wonder why she could hardly wave to that good looking frenchman (besides the obvious;)
    I'd still like to be there (Paris!) well maybe for Bastille Day... in my dreams that is.
    Have a happy 4th of July!

  4. Oh honey..don't work too hard getting ready for vacation..
    happy 4th

  5. Oh I have watched the TV series..So fun after hubby has gone to bed ''to just watch whatever I want to~~(:O)'' ~~~
    I know not everyone agrees but oh well (:)
    Polly that was a cute clip and her outfit was just adoreable.. she is so tiny too..Doggy was a cutie~!!
    hugs Patty

  6. I haven't seen the show or the movie but I have heard all of the clothes are as cute as can be ~
    I might just have to go see the movie ~


  7. Yep! It's from SATC! When she went to Paris and her Boyfriend had too many other things to do. So Carrie had a bad day!!! LOVE the clip Sis - it's one of my fave shows. Hope you are doing well - I love the Stickers and things from your last post! But I warn you - once you start buying them it will become an Addiction! (Like Chocolate)
    xoxo Sher

  8. I love that show...just saw that movie last night with the husband. Great clip! ;)


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